Nintendo: We haven't ignored the core gamer, no core games in early 2009

Nintendo already told us that its fans should not be expecting any big releases for the rest of 2008 and that they have revealed everything for 2008. However, Nintendo hasn't said much about 2009, leaving hardcore gamers to hope for the future. Well, it looks like the future those fans have been hoping for may be even later than early 2009. In the October issue of Edge, a Nintendo statement explains that the company does not believe they have ignored the core fanbase. Moreover, Nintendo reiterated that its teams are working on hardcore games, although none will be ready for launch in early 2009.

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TheColbertinator3704d ago

I respect Nintendo as the only true game/console maker in the industry along with Sega and Atari.Hopefully they return to their glory days back when the SNES and N64 were around.

SpaZaA3704d ago

feel the exact opposite right now.

TheColbertinator3704d ago

But remember that Microsoft/Sony/Phillips/Apple all made consoles and some games but they were never originally game makers.Sony have always been TV/radio makers and Microsoft have always been software designers originally.

I acknowledge both Sony and Microsoft for working hard for their consoles but they were not making games until they became interested in what Sega/Atari/Nintendo created.

Megaton3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Nintendo made playing cards, owned a taxi service and "love hotels", along with several other failed ventures before getting into electronics. They may be one of the most important companies at the foundation of gaming, but it was far from the company's original purpose.

I'm a child of the NES/SNES/Sega Genesis. As such, I can't stand the new Nintendo. They've essentially spit in the face of the gamers who made them what they are today, all for the purpose of reaching the wallets of non-gamers. They've decided to become the Fisher Price of gaming, and it makes me throw up a little inside my mouth everytime someone from Nintendo says they still care about the core gamers.

"How can you say we aren't addressing the hardcore gamers when we showed off titles like Animal Crossing?" - Reggie E308'

ape0073704d ago

you are right,snes and n64 were true legends

I mean they both has more classic games than I can count

maybe nintendo use the wii to gain more money(cause they lost a lot on cg)and then strike us with an all new hardcore only console

who agree with me?

ape0073704d ago

you said great words man but I do disagree with nintendo being the best console\game producer

sure mario,zelda and metroid are classics

but you can't forget about classics like

mgs4,halo,gta,god of war,shadow of the colossus,resident evil,bioshock

there are a lot of excellent game developers out there

sack_boi3704d ago

Wii-HD is going to sell millions!

Voiceofreason3704d ago

First off nice of you to spin what was said by Reggie. He also brought up GTA when he talked about not leaving the hardcore. I guess its easier to lie and hope people hate then to be honest. Second point is to Ape. A game doesnt become a classic within a year. Classics are much older than most of the games you brought up.. Bioshock will be a classic in 10 years. not a year after release.

IdleLeeSiuLung3704d ago

I must agree with xiphos above and say that I felt unappreciated as a gamer on Nintendo hardware. They keep saying they have not abandoned the hardcore gamer, yet there are no games in sight. My Wii get's the least use and I have more games for it than the PS3. My 360 get's the most use.

These 6-month development time games targeting the casual market is what Nintendo cares about despite whatever they say. I think Nintendo lost my business unless they turn around....

zane_78493704d ago

I think it's sad that we are even in the position where "not being forgotten about" is the best terms Nintendo can address their core fans with. They are not focused on making the kinds of games/features/advances that their core audience ,that have been supporting them for years and years, want from them. They seem to be focused instead on the highest profit margin and the lowest common denominator.

Say what you will about Sony and Microsoft (and they both certainly have faults as well) but they at least make a great attempt to advance the industry and please their core audience AND make games accessible to a larger demographic without compromising one for the other. I have a Wii, Ps3, and 360- and while I still love some of Nintendo's games I will not make excuses for their arrogance or greed. I don't trust their intentions anymore.

Soren the Cat3704d ago

Wow, brilliantly stated. I couldnt agree more, and I am glad you were able to set the record straight.

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solidjun53704d ago

so by thier standards, all the cooking mamas and Animal crossing (wii) are classified under core-gamers type of games.

I see.

"Moreover, Nintendo reiterated that its teams are working on hardcore games, although none will be ready for launch in early 2009."

Zelda and the new Mario game. That's fair enough but everyone knew they were coming.

--Onilink--3704d ago

so by your standards zelda twilight princess, mario galaxy, fire emblem, battallion wars, metroid prime, smash bros and mario kart are not harcore??

i see...

i dont know why people keep complaining about nintendo, sure i dont like any of the 1st party games for holiday 2008 except wario land, but that doesnt mean they are not making any more hardcore games or they havent delivered any... It actually takes time to make a game, and if they can release all those games stated above, all the casual one's and the tons of DS great games, then i can forgive them for not giving me a game for some months, thats why we rely now on 3rd party software, which is finally realizing what they can do with the wii.

you people dont mind waiting more than a year to finally start getting good games on the PS3, but if Nintendo doesnt release something in the next 6 months, then they have "abandoned the hardcore crowd"..... please ppl, enough with the stupid comments

solidjun53704d ago

if you read my comment (which you read what you want to read) you can see I named the typical Nintendo games. The zeldas and the Marios (and all the Nintendo staples). It was implied those are hardcore but won't be out for a while. But everyone knows there are coming out Next year. The complaints, which are valid by the way, stem from what happened at E3. Prior to E3 (months prior), Reggie said on that gametrailers special, they will reveal the rest of the 08 lineup and the core should be extremely happy. Since you don't like any of the first party games for the system, except wario land, you're what Nintendo is catering to. That's fine and all and I respect that. Nintendo found a cash cow and they have all the right to milk it. I have a wii and I think it's fun (when there are people around). But for you to say my comment is stupid for making a valid complaint is a bit disingenious. I mean I don't go around saying your comment is stupd, do I?

Voiceofreason3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

What Reggie said is that games would be announced around E3 and Core NItnendo gamers would be happy. They werent talking about followers for other consoles being happy. VC Was a common complaint before E3 and it got fixed but none of the other console followers seemed to notice. GTA was announced but it became casual the second it was announced for another console by the loyal followers of other consoles. COD was shown at E3, Madworld, Conduit, Punch Out got announced, I could go on, but to hear some of you talk nothing was shown but AC and Wii music.. That's not at all true though.

solidjun53704d ago

and thanks for not calling my comment stupid ^_^
Anyway, I guess a lot of people were under the assumption that more new IP that caters to the "core" (emphasis added) would be presented. Wii music and wii surfing board stands out the most and that's why people were dissapointed. I think Nintendo's "core" is the casual market, so whatever works for them.

--Onilink--3703d ago

i wasnt saying that your comment was stupid, i meant it to the ppl that go aroung saying that nintendo has abandoned the hardcore crowd because they are not releasing a new "hardcore" game in the next 6-7 months, when they have given us like half of their better franchises(all great games) in less than 2 years, how can people expect them to keep releasing so many games in so little time. Then they go on and on about how the GCN sucked because it had no 3rd party support, and it depended only on 1st party games, but now on the wii, great 3rd party games are coming in the next couple of months instead of Nintendo IP's, and yet they bash nintendo for not releasing new games, then they say they are gonna sell the wii(that they dont have) because its been collecting dust since launch....

those are the stupid comments

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Bladestar3704d ago

Nintendo: "We haven't ignored the core gamer... We just didn't include them in our plans for this generation..."

After The Super Nintendo, Nintendo proven that their primary goal is to maximize profits at all cost... even if that means alienating the hardcore gamer... if Nintendo realizes that turning the next console into a tampon will make more money... well.. you should figure how to get your first period...

zozol3704d ago

of core gamers by Nintendo = Pikmin games...

solidsnakus3704d ago

nintendo stoped caring about the hardcore gamer when it made the gamecube.

ape0073704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

snake the gc was maybe lacking but it has its special games

eternal darkness,re4,mgs:twin snakes(awesome game btw)

and it has the first metroid game since snes

Danja3704d ago

Actually the hardcore crowd stopped caring for Nintendo when they made the Gamecube , the cube had lots of hardcore games...but not alot of ppl bought the Cube in the states to notice...

Blank10173703d ago

I never bought the GC but am catching up on a slew of great GC titles now on the Wii. The GC had alot of amazing games

currently playing tales of symphonia, very good.