TeamXbox: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

If EA Sports isn't careful, they might make Tiger Woods' name as synonymous with golf as they've made John Madden's with football. What's that you say? Too late? Tiger Woods is already synonymous with golf the world over, and a much bigger celebrity than John Madden is? That EA Sports had nothing to do with making him a household name?

Oh well, let's just call them lucky then, lucky to be a part of that gravy train. EA obviously put their money on the good horse when they locked Tiger down to a long term deal as the spokesman/coverboy/main character for their consistently excellent golf game. Nice one, EA. Even if you didn't have the exclusive PGA license, which you do, you obviously hit one dead solid perfect with the player who not only dominates the sport but also has the name recognition to sell anything with his moniker attached.

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morganfell3705d ago

I picked this up today and it is fantastic.