Digital version of Persona 4 Golden discounted to under $10; other Persona games also on sale

The digital version of Persona 4 Golden has been discounted to just $9.89. Other Persona games are also on sale.

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Becuzisaid911d ago

Persona 4 golden is incredible. If you have a Vita and don't have this game yet, you're missing out on maybe the best game on the system.

DarXyde911d ago

Completely agree.

You owe it to yourselves to play it if you own a Vita. It's, in my opinion, the JRPG perfected. I've replayed it countless times with well over 600 hours logged across several save files.

Protagonist910d ago

Damn that´s a lot of hours! I got 300 hours between P3P and P4G and I´m also gonna play it again, as a warm up to P5.

Sadly no other games (including the main series) gives me the joy as P3P and P4G did.

Xavior_Reigns911d ago

Totally agree, it was my first platinum on my other psn account. Maybe I should do it all over again.

Fist4achin911d ago

Badass game. I loved it so much I got hooked on that one. I couldn't put it down.