We've Got 'Spore' Impressions… Of The iPod Version (MTV Multiplayer)

Written by Patrick Klepeck:

""Spore" doesn't ship for the PC for a couple of weeks, but it's already out on iPods.

Electronic Arts snuck the cell-stage-only version of "Spore" onto the iTunes yesterday. This version of "Spore" is not compatible with the iPhone or iPod Touch. Those are coming soon.

Interestingly, this one controls far better than the iPhone version that I've played several times. The accelerometer-based controls there are a little unwieldy, while the iPod version manipulates your cell's motion with the thumbwheel.

EA claims you'll even be able to tap into the Sporepedia index of user-created creatures. So is this version of "Spore" worth five bucks?"

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