Fifa 09 Videos on the PS3 and X360

Two videos of Fifa 09 on both the PS3 and 360.

PS3 version ........X360 version
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Jandre023706d ago

But with that field the 360 version does look a bit more realistic. The PS3 looks more cartoony, but it might just be the grass color.

cahill3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )


x360 version is LESS BRIGHTER

get ur eyes checked

PS3 version clearly has an edge in brightness and color. both were in the SAME SETTINGS

Typical EA though
just because PS3 games sell more in europe.They decided to make the game better on PS3

money hungry corporations FTL

Dom63903706d ago

the PS3 version has much more detail on the pitch and is defiantly brighter if u think the 360 version looks better ure fanboyism is clouding ure judgment, but then again it might be just be the background lighting in the room it was filmed we wont know till we get a direct game play feed from both

cahill3706d ago

are saying that x360 version looks bettter???

in the video it is clearly revealing that ps3 version sports MORE BRIGHTNESS...better colour depth

people these days

Darkiewonder3706d ago

I love how the contributor is about to make this article into a comparison debate. How about just link the ps3 gameplay and change the title to "Fifa 09 for Ps3 new gameplay" Unless you can find another article that puts the videos together.

cahill3706d ago

Plus u do know that Fifa 09 is coming from EA. It sells the most in europe and a money hungry corporation like EA will make it better on PS3 which sells more in europe

No one is actually surprised by the video.
Madden 09 might be opposite since in US x360 games sell more cuz it has a bigger base

Cant believe that u are forgetting that Fifa 09 is a game directed towards europeans and COMES FROM "EA"

thats right ----"EA"

Darkiewonder3706d ago

I take it you're the one contributing this story.
When the game is out then comparison can be made. especially when you get direct feed of the video. All this is doing is either say EA/Fifa suck anyways, 360 version is better, bla bla. and plus. Off-screen comparison? really?

cahill3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

It has better lighting and better color saturation in the video

comparison isnt necessary cuz we all know that EA would make THAT VERSION the best WHICH WILL sell more in europe

so no need to even whine there

both are played on the same TV so BRIGHTNESS differs cuz games are made that way
PS3 version also features an exclusive MODE too

Dlacy13g3706d ago

You were better off saying whats wrong with posting up both video for each console to see how their version will look and that this is not meant to be used as a "comparison" video.

Instead you just sound like a fanboy trying to start a flame war. There are differences sure but its impossible to say which is best based on a pulled back video camera feed of the TV screen.

Harry1903706d ago

Just saying: football games sell much better on Playstation consoles. Both Fifa and PES sell better on the PS3.. Fifa is also by far EA's biggest franchise. It sells approximately 7.5 million copies per year on all platforms with the PS2,PSP and PS3 accounting for 5.2 million of those.

The game looks great.

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LightningPS33706d ago

totally different TV's and settings. This is spam to me.

cahill3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Hopefully actions are taken.
why are u here. did u get banned from neogaf forums? or is that forum empty since all its members are now at n4g

If the ps3 version sports better lighting and better colors then it means EA made the games that way. The TVs were the same. The PS3 version also has an EXCLUSIVE mode.

U dont report a story just because u dont like it

Panthers3706d ago

Besides, no where does it say comparison. It is simply 2 videos of the game. Enjoy.

TheMART3706d ago Show
I toughNAME I3706d ago

Just because the Xbox 360 always sells better in Europe they purposely put more effort into the 360 version.

Thanks EA.

Harry1903706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

no....actually the PS3 version sells better. Yes ,even last year when there were fewer PS3s, it sold more on it than on the 360.

Disagree all you want, but it seems some people can't face the truth.

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