Why Wait? Leipzig's Biggest Games Reviewed Now

If you read Games Radar's E3 coverage, you'll know that they like cutting straight to the chase with their coverage of new games. The wishy-washy approach of "It's got potential, but only time will tell". No, GamesRadar like to go with their gut and give you instant, no nonsense appraisals of the games that will be vying for your wallet-love over the coming year.

And thus, as GamesRadar did at E3, they have reviewed and rated the biggest and best from the Leipzig GC show floor. Their play-time on these babies may only have lasted between ten minutes and an hour, but they are always, always right.*

(*GamesRadar is not necessarily right about this statement. These scores of course do not necessarily reflect the ratings these games will receive when they review the full, finished article.)

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dro3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

y review a game based on a demo!!!

im sorry but this is dumb,just WAIT till the game is finished and then review it (-_-)

looks like games radar is starting to become the next site that hates any thing ps3 related based on there SO CALLED reviews of killzone2 and motorstorm 2!!! but i could not careless what they give it;like i said this post is dumb !!! ... (-_-)

cahill3796d ago


typical Gamesradar

donator3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

"go ahead and fail it. I will just have the administrator approve it." - Bloodmask

So you mean that the N4G democracy and the votes we cast mean nothing in the end?

Seriously Bloodmask, you've known that the site has been tilting to towards the PS3, just accept it or go recruit some of your X-Box 360 buddies. Tattle-telling is not the way to do it.

Yoma3796d ago

They low-rated all ps3 exclusives and play almost all multiplat games on the 360. Except Mirror's Edge, which demo is on ps3(?).

Aquanox3796d ago

This is because most games are demoed on Xbox 360 in Conferences since it's still being vastly used as a primary developing platform.

Killzone is starting to look worrying. We all know it's pretty, just like we knew the first one was... Give us some quality gameplay please or the franchise might be as well dead after two low rated titles (IF this happens to be true in the final version)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3796d ago

Now you know why i don't trust those guys.

beavis4play3796d ago

KZ2 multiplayer has been universally received by almost all sites.even 1up, kotaku, and joystiq like it.(and they usually hate everything sony)
where other sites are writing pages of info on KZ, GR wrote one paragraph. and it was nothing but one long smart-#ssed comment. i think GR will look like complete fools come feb. '09.

King_many_layers3796d ago

they rate Motosrtorm as a 6 only to follow up with Pure as a 7.

that says all to me really. Motorstorm got the gameplay just right for many, many people. They've improved in all the areas that it's needed to be improved upon and the game was well recieved even with the flaws of no splitscreen, big loading times and lacking in maps.

marinelife93795d ago

They need to stick to doing top ten video game cleavage shots. That's what they're good at.

t-0_ot-3795d ago

"looks like games radar is starting to become the next site that hates any thing ps3 related based on there SO CALLED reviews of killzone2 and motorstorm 2!!!" Ugh.. Maybe they jus didn't like em..

robbo9183795d ago

He/she has gone off the deep end. This was a PATHETIC submission unless it was only on the X360 portion of the site. How can he/she defend this being anything short of bias. Its an X360 pro site that reviewed most PS3 games in poor light intentionally. Most the X360 games are multi-plat also yet they only listed the X360.

Anyone who has read anything about this convention knows that Sony had a VERY strong presence versus MS and yet if you read that biased article you would think it was all about MS.

Bloodmask is nothing short of a jaded MS fan.

waltercross3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

WoW, this does seem like a very bias web site(Games Radar).
Bloodmask as there leader?, who'd thought?.

Hey if we put certain people on Ignore will
it also ignore there submissions?

EDIT: Actually if you look at the article it is in
the 360's Games Radar Section, this explains why most are
listed as XBOX 360, but why would they list PS3 game
reviews in the 360's section?

chewy3173795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


Familiar controls

Controls feel very similar to Call Of Duty 4 - you can zip to a down-the-scope view for improved accuracy, fire from the hip and throw grenades at the touch of a button. Running is assigned to L3 COD-style, and you can hug cover using L1. From cover you can blind-fire or poke your head out to take potshots, and unlike Rainbow Six Vegas 2 this all remains firmly in first-person.

As I began popping Helghast in the head, legs and arms, watching them react as every bullet found its target was massively satisfying. The animation is superb and ensures that every shot you fire feels solid. This encouraged me to experiment with each pull of the trigger. Best of all, this play through puts to bed many of the concerns I had over Killzone 2. The original PS2 game wasn't great, shooting accuracy and balance of weapons being a major fault, but this sequel has been polished to within an inch of its alien-bashing life.

I moved on, off the beach, through a warehouse full of Helghast (reinforcements crashed through the roof in startling fashion) and eventually made it to the Sixaxis-controlled switch. Holding L1 and R1 you 'grab' the wheel and turn it by going through the motions of turning a wheel - neat. This is the moment where everything got turned up to eleven.

Once past the checkpoint where my previous playtest ended, everything was new. Ahead was an open space littered with handy cover - rubble, concrete slabs and broken masonry.

Almost as soon I set foot onto the field, all hell broke loose and a lone gun post on top of a bombed-out tower block peppered my squad. Using cover I scurried to an abandoned gun turret and fired back. An oil barrel below the entrenched enemy caught my eye and a couple of shots later the thing exploded, bringing down the entire building with a boom. Sure, it's massively scripted and shows Killzone 2 isn't that original, but it does put on one hell of a show.

This was more evident the further into the level I played after demolishing the tower block with a well-placed shot to that clichéd barrel I came across the real battle. Ahead of me were a dozen Helghast, behind me were my squad and armoured support.'''''''''''''''''''

You See that? Controls are practically the same as cod4... and do cod4 controls suck? NO Games radar please you ruin the game industry do yourselves a favour and shut down ure site

Games radar is out to bash and reduce the hype and belief in killzone 2 , saying the complete opposite. PLEASE SOME ONE GO SUE THEM!! FOR SLANDER!

mercyless93795d ago

but u guys arent worth to be reviewers

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RPG Guy3796d ago

Bash the PS3 exclusives. Keep it up GamesRadar! You're not biased at all! *rolls eyes* Total POS site.

Mad Aizen3796d ago

(*GamesRadar is not necessarily right about this statement. These scores of course do not necessarily reflect the ratings these games will receive when they review the full, finished article.)

yeah but this thread will necessarily reflect epic flames.

fork-3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

no one gos to gamesradar. u cant even comment on the syt, they hav no community

tis is submited by a gameradar employee guy and he put a pic of killzone to get more people to view it. just to start flame wars

it seems like this tym killzone 2 was a victim of Gameradar plot to get more hits

fork-3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

so bloodmask submited this, i bet he was tipped by one of his xbox fanboys buddies over at Gamesradar

they are all xbox fanboys. 1 day sony will grab them back

sony: were happy if people buy xbox becuase we will get them our sides in the end

dericb113796d ago

Its rather funny Halo 3 is only a improved version of Halo 1 and 2 and they would give it a 9. Yet Motorstorm:PR does the same thing and all of a sudden it's bad to make improvement. Gamegaydar go play gaylo 3 on your XFlop 003.

Spread Butt Cheeks3796d ago

looks like KZ2 is going to blow. oh well, i didnt buy a ps3.

<cue RRoD comments and disagrees>

nycredude3795d ago

Looks like the only thing blowing is you, what with that Microsoft c*ck in your mouth while you "spread butt cheeks" for Gaylo 3!

Seriously though this fanboy sh*t is getting really stupid. Just look at GOTY 2007's comments below. It is beyond ignorant. The guy sounds like he is still getting his lunch money from mommy the way he rants on about the Ps3!

ThePhantomDisagreer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

So... Games radar gives Ninja Gaiden 2 a bad score: greatest site in the world, objective and well written.
Gamesradar says KZ2 isn't fantastic (like you all KNOW it is, since you've played it on several occasions): Worse site in the world, blatant xbox fanboys.

Ok i get it. No wait, what?

bpac1234567893795d ago

wow that was definetly one of the most biased articles ive seen in a while. all games that where multiplatform they reveiwed for the 360 even when the ps3 ones where present, why? Also Killzone 2 a five? Motorstorm a 6? Id like what there smoking cause thats some strong sh**.

chewy3173795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Honestly i dont think any one should give a damn about this site.
In case you cant see the obvious, they are working or loving Microsoft(xbox fan boys)

The reason they give ninja gaiden a low score is to gain 'credibility'
So they can use that slam ps3 games. Like for example they give Mgs4 an 8 when it should be a 10 what kind of bull is that

You can see they have an obvious disgust for the ps3 and by giving lower scores for ps3 games.

you can also see that it is an xbot site by going to the home page and look up and the site description , Xbox Games And Xbox cheats WTH!!

Oh by the way killzone 2 is currently on its way to not only kill HALO BUT ALSO KILL CALL OF DUTY 4!

The only time their reviews can be trusted is that off multi platform games.


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TheExecutive3796d ago

I guess I dont understand what they mean by sluggish controls on the Killzone multiplayer? I have heard nothing but praise from the other previews when it comes to the MP of KZ2. So why give it a 5? They also gave MS:PR a 6.

I mean seriously, I dont care if they have a disclaimer on the bottom. They are f*cking stupid if they think KZ2 MP is a 5. Just plain stupid. Even if they dont like the game that much surely it STILL doesnt deserve a 5?

Kleptic3796d ago

notice every multiplat game, save Mirror's edge, all had Xbox 360 as the platform...while they may have played it on the 360...why not just point out all platforms the game will release on?...would go a long way to remove some of the blatant fact there was not one true 360 exclusive in that list, yet it wouldn't appear that way...

and Killzone 2...fair enough...they complain of something that not one other hands on experience did...some went to call it one of the most responsive and addictive MP in years...others commented on slight slowdown when things got really nuts, but that was to be expected as its the best looking MP shooter to date...

and Motorstorm PR? they fix everything that people complained about...make it somehow look nearly twice as good as the first game (which is definitely saying something), as well as offer nearly double the shipped tracks for the first game...and its a 6? that logic you can't get excited for any sequel...

we'll see in a few months...but I can guarantee that nearly all of their PS3 related stuff is completely off...

beavis4play3796d ago

yea, their credibility has to be 0 on this. every other site raves about KZ2 multiplayer. we won't truely know till feb. but i just discount this to stupidity and an obvious bias. slap a 360 tag on KZ and GR would have given it a 10 for tight controls and incredible innovation.
this is why i never visit GR site anymore.