5 sure-fire ways to ditch work to play video games

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"We've all been there. A hot new game is coming out on a frickin' TUESDAY, and you have to work at your stupid job when what you really want to do is curl up in a beanbag with a controller in your hand playing Left 4 Duty 6: Evolved online with your friends. It sucks. Of course there's always the chance you could call in sick to your job, but if the boss gets hip to your jive, you could find yourself with a lot more time to play games than you bargained (or budgeted) for.

To help you when you need it most, I am sharing 5 near-bulletproof ways to miss work to play a new game WITHOUT having to use your vacation days, and WITHOUT drawing too many questions from an annoying supervisor. Almost all of these excuses involve my zero-paperwork/zero-proof philosophy.

When just "being sick" in general won't cut it, try these iron-clad excuses"

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Mr_Bun3704d ago

I like the Fibromyalgia is just like back pain. Impossible to disprove. They basically have to take your word for it. I wonder if you can get a handicap parking tag with that.

JSA-Gamer3704d ago

You can get ANYTHING with Fibromyalgia. From pain killers to welfare... its the perfect disease.... nless you actually have it... that would probably suck....

GamerSigma3704d ago

I agree with Mr Bun.... See you at the FM clinic on Friday?

LGFreedom3704d ago

I think the squirts may actually be the ideal excuse... what are they going to ask you to do? come in to work and #2 for them?

spectyre3704d ago

I never leave an excuse when I call in. I just say I won't be in today.
I am rather fortunate though because I have 4 weeks of vacation and 1 week of sick time per year, so my gaming needs are pretty much covered.

spectyre3704d ago

I make conveyor belts... Yes it is as exciting as it sounds.

Kappa Mikey3704d ago

you can become a superhero like me!!!

Heldrasil3704d ago

I know here California that a job can not hold you liable if you must miss work due to a childs illness or other care issues. Maybe your kids will want to miss a day with you!!!

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