Gamers Will Buy Whatever Half-Consoles Sony And Microsoft Sell Them Because They Won't Have A Choice

There has been a lot of debate about the potential of upcoming “half-consoles” that Sony and Microsoft MSFT -6.77% are rumored to be making. Sony’s PS4.5, or PS4K, or NEO, seems to be more tangible, as at this point leaks have spilled nearly every detail about the system, which may be coming this fall. And though Microsoft has cautiously backed away from talking about an “Xbox 1.5,” rumor has it they are indeed testing more powerful versions of the Xbox One behind the scenes.

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RufustheKing907d ago

Ms have to release a new console cause they are so far behind. Sony will then act seeing if the new console is a threat or sony just want to kill ms off as a rival thus allowing sony control over the market. Sony have dragged their feet this gen knowing full well they are in the lead.

nowitzki2004907d ago

As if Sony had to ever worry about MS. PS2, PS3, and now PS4 have all beat their MS counterparts.

ONESHOTV2907d ago

i dont own an xbox one but i dont think MS was ever worried about what sony is doing they have the money to back what they are doing even if it fail can sony do that.

spicelicka907d ago

What a stupid comment, all competition has to worry about their rivals. Xbox 360 was well ahead of the PS3 for a long time. If Sony didn't worry about MS they never would've gotten the lead back.

uth11907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

@oneshot- just because MS has piles of money doesn't mean their investors will stand for wasting it. They will demand that MS try to be competitive in the markets they enter.

s45gr32907d ago

Microsoft just turns Xbox Live into an app for smart tv sets, brings Xbox Live to mobile devices, improves Xbox Live on PC laughs at Sony for doubling its costs in regards to PS4.5 , still stuck with the same audience, and game developers jumping ship. If Microsoft does bring Xbox Live to all platforms it increases its audience, lowers its costs, makes more money

n4g0006906d ago

MS kinda slow in making Xbox One a Windows PC. Wasn't the original point of Xbox is to Improve Windows? i want Office, SolidWorks, Photoshop on X1!

travestyj906d ago

Sony has done and continues to do more this gen than anyone else.

s45gr32903d ago

In my opinion, PC gamers aka modders are the true unsung heroes of both the PS3/PS4 generations fixing for free the lazy ass ports of AAA game developers. They are the ones that brought new gaming genres (MOBAS/Survival) when game developers were pumping out the same tired old ass franchises. Turn their mods into games like Dear Esther, Cry of Fear, even did the remastered edition of the first Half Life.

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Apocalypse Shadow907d ago

Pure BS through and through.

Consoles were not ever trying to compete with PCs. Put out a top of the line console and there is a top of the line PC that still out does it. Gamers say these systems are underpowered. Compared to what other consoles? These ARE the most powerful consoles on the market right now. What are they underpowered against?

1080p/60fps is attainable right now on consoles. It just depends on the type of graphics you're expecting from games. Which comes down to developer vision. Some visions are more than what's possible resulting in lower frame rates. It's not the consoles fault. And if the developer doesn't optimize and take their time, it's still not the fault of the console. I could come up with a vision of a game that would make any top of the line PC chug and not handle it. But it's still not the fault of that PC.

It also shows the glaring problem with some gamers who aren't really gamers. They're graphics whores. When you're chasing that instead of good gameplay, you are a graphics whore. Counting pixels and worrying about resolution. I've never seen this level of dissatisfaction from the current level of graphics from gamers. But I play 8bit,16bit,32bit,etc for games all the time. So maybe I'm immune to this hunger and need for extra pixels.I like graphics. But it's not the first thing I think about. It's ***gameplay.***

If a developer makes a 1080p/30fps "Neo" game, are gamers going to have a hissy fit because the developer "chose" to make their game their way?Not yours. If you need 1080p/60fps for every game, then get out there and start making them. Or, you can do this:

***Demand developers finish, test and optimize their games before you get it instead of chasing for more power to fix the problem. That's how console gaming used to be before the infection of PC nonsense. Nintendo first party is a great example.

***Demand that journalists tell you truth about games before release or boycott their sites. How hard is that to do? I've boycotted EA for over 10 years.The choice of buying Madden or no football at all. I chose not at all. Or any of their rehashed, by the numbers games that are now shallow.Hasn't hurt my fun in gaming in the slightest. But I'm guessing we all don't have will power to vote with our wallets. Which would be a pity.

Telling me I have no choice means you just lost a customer. Saying I don't have to buy it just means the industry gets worse just like micro transactions, preorder bonus nonsense,dlc,paying for online,etc. It's not complaining, it's seeing what will result from an action taken and telling people to pause and think. Just like EA, corporations have been trying to get you to buy more for minor updates. Or paying more for less content or quality. Looks like they'll get their wish from some here if neo is real.

Gwiz907d ago

I know right?it's like a lot of people can't see that this industry is going down the toilet.

Chaos_Order907d ago

So much truth in your comment! You really hit the nail on the head, especially with regards to optimisation. When the Neo hits, are devs really going to try and push the power of the PS4? Or maybe devs won't see the point in adding anything for the Neo version. What's the point if they still get your money, regardless of which system you own?

And like you said, people this gen seem so dissatisfied with graphics it's unreal. I just don't understand it. I also don't get this idea that consoles are just not fit for 1080/60. Ummm... Wipeout HD managed that, and it was a PS3 launch title, and it still looked great doing it... Optimisation or conspiracy?

wsoutlaw87907d ago

You don't seem to understand how development and processing power works. But hey, feel free to complain anyway

Kallisti907d ago

Yeah, Ridge Racer 7 was also a launch title on the ps3 that was 1080p/60fps as well.

stuna1907d ago

I totally agree. The thing is there will always be a quest for power! No matter what either Sony or Microsoft put under the hood of any console they put out there. We see it with PC gamers who want everything on ultra settings. Console gamers are no different in that regard. I'm not saying every gamer is the same either, but the nature of this particular beast dictates that no matter what is offered, there will always be someone who wants more! In so many ways it is the quintessential reasoning why gamers upgrade their consoles from generation to generation, and also why companies like Sony and Microsoft prey on gamers like us, by offering minimalistic upgrades in visuals and gameplay, because it ensures that they have a surefire way of enticing gamers such as me and others to take that leap into future generations in the hopes of witnessing that however slight bump in visual fidelity or those extra frames per second, even added realism to water effects or more fluidity to character motion.

Next generation will be no different, because if during this generation we are allowed to experience 1080p 60fps consistantly, next generation some gamers will expect 1440p 90/120fps consistantly! Difference being a different generation and the cycle will continue.

s45gr32907d ago

The PS3 was the last true powerful console that was ahead of its time. It was the only console from last generation to offer some not all games at native 1080p/30 frames per second and on rare occasions 1080p/60 frames per second.

1080p/30 frames per second games:

MGS4 Guns of the patriots
Gran Turismo 4
Uncharted 2
Call of Duty franchise

1080p/60 frames per second games:

PS2 bundles like God of War collection
Wipeout HD
Ridge Racer 7
Super Stardust HD

So, the PS4 should of run all of its games at 1080p/60 frames per second. What's worse is the xbox one is as powerful as the PS3 system. That is not mentioning the PS3 ability to run any Linux distro which granted the gamer to make youtube videos/edit through Sony Vegas, emulators, use open office for essays or accounting, etc...... The rest of your comment I agree with.

iceman06906d ago

In this comment, you pretty much summed up the completely rational fears of this practice going forward. There's going to have to be a LOT of faith put in these corporations to actually keep the customers in mind. The industry has had a steady creep of additional charges that you 'don't need'. While this seems the next step. I can't really say it's a natural evolution as much as a selective mutation. This one trait (graphics/power) being selected as the one to carry the breed is a double edged sword. We've seen, in the past, what great devs can do despite limitations. IMO, this won't really push devs for creative solutions. It will just let them power their way to completion. While this might be good in the short term (especially financially), I don't see the long game...aside from a future where consoles are almost disposable (despite the $400 price tags).
As you said, this isn't whining, it's pointing out that we are indeed standing on the slippery slope that the fallacy is so famous for. Some will take the plunge and enjoy the ride regardless of the danger. Some will watch other slide down and decide whether the risk is worth the reward. The last group will simply pack it up and call it a day. Once (and IF) the rumors are finally confirmed by an announcement, we all have to decide which group we'll be in. I can already safely say that I'm not going first.

rainslacker906d ago

I miss the Well said button.

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Lennoxb63907d ago

Its not that gamers don't have a choice (because they do). Its just that a lot of gamers that visit gaming sites are all talk. They come with comments like, "I'm not buying that crap," or "I'm quitting gaming if this happens," or "I'll just go to PC."

Those same people making those comments will have the consoles on pre order as soon as they're available. Just like they do a lot games they claim they hate. A small minority of gamers actually mean what they say.

Funny thing is these same comments were made about online only games, DLC, microtransactions, broadband internet requirement, etc. Claiming they're "quitting" yet not only are they still playing games, they're writing articles and own gaming sites.

Chaos_Order907d ago

Yup, I think you're right. People need to really learn to put their money where their mouth is, but instead they'll keep buying season passes while complaining about them because they just can't help themselves. And then they'll complain about the lack of variety in games while continuing to buy EA/Ubisoft games on day one and waiting for the other stuff to hit PSN+ for free. You know who you are...

uth11907d ago

I've never been outraged by DLC or microtransactions, but I'm dead serious about not buying this console. I came from PC to get away from constantly upgrades. If consoles adopt a frequent upgrade schedule then there is no point sticking around.

s45gr32907d ago

Nope you will be the first one to upgrade a console because your pals/family will have an upgradeable console. Making you weak and buying it say upgrade. I did not bought MGS V due to its microtransanctions despite being my favorite franchise. Bought Rise of Tomb Raider at half price, skip on Star Wars Battlefront, skip on. Uncharted 3 due to it supported online pass (another favorite franchise of mine). What I am saying is how strong is your will

Ark_907d ago

It's only a minority of gamers, that is vocal at all. Most frequent forums and news sites only to read, if at all. So whatever you hear on forums is just not representative at all. Comming to the conclusion that lots of people commenting are lying about their intentions is a bit premature imo.

They just are not representative of the mayority - which buys DLCs, microtransactions and the games others are bitching about ...

Lennoxb63906d ago

I know its not fully representative. But I see people on N4G say they're not buying this or that. Then come bac online and complain about how crap the product they claimed they wouldn't buy is. It's definitely a partial representation of the gaming community.

rainslacker906d ago

Quite honestly, most people seem more against it than for it. There are more for it recently, but overall, it seems to be a lot of anger or indifference. It's hard to imagine that a sizable number of these people are going to just jump at the chance to upgrade to a new device which is marginally better at a rather hefty price tag.

How anyone could commit either way without knowing all the details is beyond me. It's not like a new console generation where there are expectations at hand. To me the people willing to jump on this before details are released are just poor consumers, whereas I can actually understand why people may be willing to wait it out, or not partake at all despite whatever is to come.

s45gr32907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

I concur, is true especially those PS3 gamers talking about not paying to play online because it went against their principle/consumer ethics. As soon as PS3 started charging to play online, guess what they cave in.

ShaunCameron907d ago

You mean Sony gamers when Sony announced that they were gonna charge people to play online upon the PS4's launch. But yeah!

kenwonobi906d ago

Yes. It's a choice. Nobody has to but some will. It's not like they are hurting anyone by giving you a Ultra version. Fine you don't like cake with your ice cream? Just eat the ice cream. Some people want cake too.

rainslacker906d ago

I dunno. It's not hard to justify a reason to not spend $400...particularly when it's not essential right away.

I'm sure a new system will do OK on launch...I mean, that's just the way these things go, but realistically, it's hard to say that the people buying the systems are the same one's here criticizing the idea now.

I for one won't be buying it day one unless many conditions are met. I can't say for sure right now, because there are just too many unknowns...namely being if it's even a thing and what that thing might entail.....or rather, every detail involved is actually unknown and unconfirmed, so I won't commit money to that. It'd be easier to commit to a new generation without knowing everything, because we've come to have certain expectations, but this is a new paradigm, which will bring it's own expectations...many of which are already being applied in one way or another.

I can't even call hypocrisy on anyone right now, because every changes ever few days, that it's easy enough to go through different mind sets over the idea.

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ScorpiusX907d ago

All ready for new updated hardware