First Screens of GTA IV's Graphics Engine in Action

To see the Graphic Engine that Rockstar plans to use in GTA IV for Xbox 360 and PS3 in action click here. That is right, their recently released Table Tennis game is powered by a new game engine called RAGE (the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) and according to some Rockstar reps in a recent interview on MTV this is also the game engine that will power future Rockstar games, including the much anticipated GTA IV for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Most likely character details will have to be toned down a bit in GTA IV to keep the frame rate smooth but it should still give a good indication of what to expect.

Anerythristic266580d ago

Table Tennis was a graphics engine test run. You know if they would have advertised it as GTA4 graphics engine it would have sold better.

OutLaw6580d ago

I just hope they don't hit anybody with a paddle. WOW!! those graphics are exactly like my table Tennis.


i've played the table tennis game and the graphics are pretty much awesome, but not as good as FN3's. i was hoping for more from GTA4's graphics engine...

OutLaw6580d ago

They are going to have to do better if they want to beat out Saint's Row. I don't think none of us will settle for less.

PS360PCROCKS6580d ago

well saints row doesn't have better graphics than this so I think Gta is fine, and it's coming out later, their game will be more polished on a more mature peice of hardware

MoonDust6580d ago

Saints Row and Crackdown will be better. IMHO of course.

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Anerythristic266580d ago (Edited 6580d ago )

Is this SSJ04, again it can't be? You really have to ignore these guys there like mosquito bites , stop scratching them and they go away faster.

Edit: On another note the PS3 fans are reaching critical mass!!! They are about to explode with envy! The HATERADE is flowing and thier glasses are full! If any PS3 fans cRacK and purchase a 360 I wanna know about it!

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USMChardcharger6580d ago (Edited 6580d ago )

if it is ssj, he forgot to double some letters for no apparent reason.
just report stupid comments like that as spam or offensive and move on.

DG6580d ago (Edited 6580d ago )

I wouldnt say I cracked but just got bored and knew that I wouldnt get one till at least March 07. Im happy (Hitman) with my 360 but not satisfied. Not yet. Im now an official sony/360 fan but a MS hater.I dont care if id does not make sense it does to me.

Grown Folks Talk6580d ago

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Karibu6580d ago

Some of those characters have nice hair, does it look good in motion or are they just static wigs??