Dyack: EVE's better than WoW

Speaking to VG247 in London recently, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack said that, in his opinion, EVE Online's better than World of Warcraft. It's an RPG developer MMO face-off, kids.

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QQcrybaby3757d ago

agreed. and n4g stop posting articles about what he says.

Old Snake3757d ago

Seriously, this guy just can't take the fact that his game didn't appeal to everyone

xhairs93757d ago

I'm starting to think he works for gamesdaily with his stupidity and now he's just lashing out at everyone just like the guy who reviewed Metal Gear Solid 4 did. He's just rebelling, I guess he didn't do it enough during his teenage years.

bumnut3757d ago

its just his opinion, its ok to disagree with it

Idonthatejustcreate3757d ago

Is strange how almost 90% of people always disagrees with what Denis says...

Either he has absolutly the worst taste ever or he has become the village idiot which everyone mocks without reason.

The Lazy One3757d ago

Did you guys actually read what he said? He said he stopped playing wow and that he likes Eve... he didn't make fun of any of them.

Apparently Dyack bashing is the new halo...

BattleAxe3757d ago

How would Dyack know what a good game is anyway?

AuToFiRE3757d ago

id have to agree with him, EVE is better

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solidjun53757d ago

My gosh, he's like that little kid that keeps touching the hot stove after you give him the biggest spanking on the face of the earth because he touch the stove.

Baka-akaB3757d ago

seriously while i can respect his opinion , that kind of stuff is completely outside of his expertise field , and just the opinion of "dyack the videogame fan" , not the dev himself .

What's next articles about wich got his preference between rock band and guitar hero ?

Ozzyb3757d ago

Probably why Coke is superior to Pepsi.. or Why Captain Crunch is a far more in-depth character than Tony the Tiger. :P Does anyone CARE what this guy thinks?

TheColbertinator3757d ago

@Ozzy B

Coca Cola is teh beztest

NewSchoolGamer3757d ago

incredibly retarded comment was brought to you by the man behind Too Human, your one and only Denis dyack.

bob12345673757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Whoever posted this news must really love to see Dyack get bashed.. Well I really feel sorry for Dyack.. Hes probably reading this site and the news about him everyday. He dies a more and more inside from each of these posts....

What can i say ? If you cant beat em join em !!!!

LOOOL umm yea dYck after your constant boasting on too human, i really think youre opinion matters........ you NUB.

Denis_Dyack3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I'm still alive and kicking ;)

But yea, EVE is better than WoW, and Too Human is better than Diablo I, II, and III when that comes out =]

morganfell3757d ago

Why feel sorry for him? Before he started throwing a pity party for himself, he was attacking everyone else and their games. Even in the midst of his pity party he was lashing out at people - hence the Neogaf ban.

kazuma3757d ago

u want to know what's really scary? since dyack is such a moron and actually went to neogaf to defend too human, this guy could actually be dyack himself. the internet is not a safe place anymore! everywhere u go, he's can be watching. *shivers*


CryofSilence3757d ago

Really, if you are the real Dennis, stop this internet babble. It's quite immature and disgraces a company that I once held in the highest regard (Legacy of Kain remains one of my favorite series' of all time). Your game flopped. Stfu, get to work on the next one and prove everyone wrong (and make it for PS3/Wii as well). Starting internet wars doesn't make your game look any better. If anything, it just brings more attention to how insecure you are about your game, contradicting your self-acclimated surety in Too Human.

bob12345673757d ago

Next time you make a game exclusively Filled with Phail... please oh please type this into the Xbox 360 dev kit.

/quit_life = 1

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