The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – New Screenshots for Blood and Wine Expansion Released

CD Projekt RED has just released some new screenshots for the second major expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood and Wine. The Witcher 3 looks amazing and these new screenshots showcase the new environments and enemies that CD Projekt RED created for this new expansion.

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starchild2978d ago

It does look amazing. I'm balls deep in Dark Souls 3 right now and absolutely loving it, but I'll be happy to jump back into the world of the Witcher. This expansion will probably last longer than some full games this year. What a fantastic series.

opinionated2979d ago

Looks sweet. Platinumed the game and loved the first dlc. I can't wait for this.

Lonnie182978d ago

YesI also platinum the game, not very many have since it's at a 0.6% last I checked! I played the first dlc and will definitely pick this up as well😁

opinionated2978d ago

I only went after trophies because I did everything else and had nothing else to do lol. Very few games have earned that kind of dedication from me.

Lonnie182977d ago

Yes very few from me as well, only 130 plats!

Paytaa2979d ago

Been anticipating this for like 6 months now. Just need a relase date and I'll be back in the world of The Witcher.

fenome2979d ago

Same here, this is the only game I've ever actually bought the season pass for. Can't wait to hop back in, I'm gonna have to get used to the mechanics again though, been a while.

Ceaser98573612979d ago

i heard that the release day for Blood and Wine is 27th of May. Hope its true..

fenome2979d ago

A May release would be awesome! It's going to be a great month for me, my birthday is on May 10th the same day U4 drops. I've still gotta pick up Dark Souls 3 too, me and the wife took a vacation at the beach and spent a little more money than I planned on, so I gotta wait till next month for that one..

Paytaa2979d ago

That would be really nice. I love having an RPG to play over the summer and it would be after my semester which is even better

2979d ago
Sunny_D2979d ago

Damn that looks good, I have to finish The Witcher 3 so I can buy this too!

Kalebninja2979d ago

Can't wait, Hearts of Stone was so fine at just $10 so this ought to be amazing.

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SimpleSlave74d ago

"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

How about a few RPGs that deserve some love instead?
1 - Alpha Protocol - Now on GOG
2 - else Heart.Break()
3 - Shadowrun Trilogy
4 - Wasteland 2
5 - UnderRail
6 - Tyranny
7 - Torment: Tides of Numenera

And for a bonus game that flew under the radar:
8 - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

DustMan74d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol in all it's glorious jank. Great game.

SimpleSlave74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Not only glorious jank, but the idea that the story can completely change depending on what you do, or say, or side with, makes it one of the most forward thinking games ever. The amount of story permutation is the equivalent of a Hitman level but in Story Form. And it wasn't just that the story changed, no, it was that you met completely new characters, or missed them, depending on your choices. Made Mass Effect feel static in comparison.

Alpha Protocol was absolutely glorious, indeed. And it was, and still is, more Next Gen than most anything out there these days. In this regard at least.