Xbox 360 official winner of next-gen holiday sales?

What we heard: There's a certain segment of the gaming culture that loves nothing more than to dig into sales figures, and few sales figures have been speculated on as much as the holiday hardware sales now that all three next-generation consoles have arrived on the market. While the industry-tracking NPD group announced its hardware tallies for the Wii and PlayStation 3's debut month of November, December was the first full month the consoles went head-to-head on shelves.

So when a article surfaced offering preliminary NPD hardware figures from November through Christmas, people took note. The Xbox 360 reportedly won the holiday hardware race with 2 million sold, with the Wii moving 1.8 million units, and the PS3 a distant third with 750,000 systems sold.

However, the trade site was attributing the numbers to a video on that first aired December 29 and which can't be viewed unless visitors register an account and give up a credit card number to view the segment. If one actually jumps through the site's hoops and watches the video in question, it can easily be determined that those numbers aren't coming from NPD...

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FeralPhoenix5447d ago (Edited 5447d ago )

That was a good explanation of the earlier article so now we know exactly what happened....doesn't seem like anything intentional just a honest mistake....either way like they said the numbers could be very close to accurate it was just a matter of clarifying the source.....its funny 'cause only hardcore gamers/video game news geeks like us even care.

smitty5446d ago

seems misleading to say the 360 won, if there had been more Wii's and PS3's available, then the figures would have been very different. My guess is the Wii would have beat the 360 hands down this holiday season.

The great 15446d ago


NextGen24Gamer5446d ago

How is it misleading to tell the Truth? Sure we all can come up with excuses to why sales were un impressive. But it doesn't change the Fact that the 360 is the winner of this last Christmas. People will always make excuses. And nothing in life is even stevens fair. Credit MS for a wonderfully thought out statedgy of launching a superior console ONE whole year them an advantage for Christmas 2006. I still am amazed at how MS had so many tricks up its sleeve and how well thought out the hardware and software was when they created the 360. Some of you don't understand the video game industry or business for that matter. We can all sit back and say "what if". But its up to the companies to deliver a quality product to the market. Thats whats so amazing about MS hitting the 10 million sold mark. Not just that they sold it...but that they manuafactured it as well. Its not just whether there is enough people to buy your product...but can you manufacture it at a record breaking rate? MS has delievered on every front. Its been a flawless plan....But us Americans are born winners. Who actually thought MS would settle or be satisfied with second place again? Americans always shoot for the Gold. Its pride. MS will not and can not be outdown. The zune is the same way. When vista comes out....The zune will intergrate flawlessly with it. MS can't take over the video game market over night. Same with the Mp3 player market. But, you can guarentee they will push both markets in the right direction for consumers. Offering the best quality coupled with the best prices. WOW... Where would the video game market be right now if MS wouldn't have entered it. No Dreamcast since it used the MS operating system....No xbox and all the great games that came with it....No 360 or xbox live.... You have to be thankful....Me personally.....I have a grand sense of pride. MS is home grown....and delivering and shaking up the old japanese video game ran industry. The industry is now ran by the USA and Europe...with Japan in a distant 3rd....

super bill5446d ago

i see the ps3 fans are getting jealious and dont like it that the 360 sold 2 million consoles over christmas.just to show that the ps3 isnt worth the money and no games to show for it the console war is already won and ilove it if there,s one company i love to see go down the drain its that big headed sony company.360 all the way better console and easily the better exclusives and ore powerful machine.

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