Resident Evil 6 Review - The Video Games

Resident Evil 6 is the latest in the long running Resident Evil Franchise from Capcom. Remastered for Xbox One and PS4, Resident evil 6 still stands up as a great game to play however falls short on some of Resident Evil’s greatest tropes. Resident Evil 6 includes 4 different campaigns that follow series regulars Leon …

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brokasfawk1001d ago

Rumor that RE6 will be one of next months ps plus games

Jollyk1001d ago

Quite possibly, PS have a great backlog of old school PS game i hear, making it hard to stay committed to Xbox :(

TheCommentator1000d ago

I just glanced at the 6 really fast and I had to stop in to mention what it looked like. A giraffe, standing on its hind legs on the left with an individual on the right inspecting the giraffe... yeah.