x360a's Bayonetta Impressions

x360a writes:

"Bayonetta is one game of a four game agreement between Platinum Games and SEGA and this was our first look at the game since its announcement way back in May and ... talk about wow! The game's director is the renowned Devil May Cry creator, Hideki Kamiya and so similarities between the two series was always a given. This is a guy who has created the competition and said he took Devil May Cry as far as he could and wants to take Bayonetta to the next level."

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PimpHandStrong3705d ago

why is this under my PS3 tab?

Why is site called and brought to us by a contributor called xbox360achievements on my PS3 tab!

it offends me


xbox360achievements3705d ago

We do have a PS3 site as well if that makes you feel any better :P

CaptainHowdy3705d ago

not enough badass female charcters (excluding nariko).

PimpHandStrong3705d ago

i feel better


not to spark a flame here

i wont be reading a site called that even if they have PS3 news that they found on 1up!!!!! lol

anyway i joke

If you keep the hate out of the sites words then i will probaly read something from there someday thanks to N4G

xbox360achievements3705d ago

We're game fanboys dude. We have no console loyalties, we just want to play great games ;)