Nice Cards, Shame About The Transactions – Magic Duels: Shadows Over Innistrad Review (Pixelgate)

Pixelgate writes:

''While the likes of Hearthstone may sitting upon the throne of video game card combat games, Magic The Gathering still dominates the physical realm. It’s has been around for decades, becoming a culture within itself. The video game equivalents have been something of a mixed bag, especially in its latest formart. ''

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Garethvk2414d ago

I know card games are big; we have guys at the radio show who will go to a big con and spend most of it playing over going to panels and such. But never really grabbed me.

PixelGateUk2414d ago

I played a few in school over the years. Primary school/early high school was Pokemon, then a brief flash of Yu gi oh and then Magic the gathering for a few years. I prefer the physical versions to paying the same for digital counter-parts