'Postal' hits DVD in US

Disillusioned Gamer reports: "Uwe Boll's controversial 'Postal' movie hits DVD shelves today in the US. Boll makes a cameo appearence as 'the lederhosen clad proprietor of a Bavarian, crypto-Nazi theme park'..."

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TheColbertinator3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Sweet.This movie is my all-time favorite.

Uwe Boll rocks


edit:oops I forgot

Hellsvacancy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Then your an Idiot

Hopefully your bein Sarcastic

Montrealien3795d ago

This movies is stupid fun.

as many have said in the last few weeks...

(why so serious?)

Gam713794d ago

I want to see this.

Looks stupid and irrelevant so cant wait for it to be on rental in england.

Fishy Fingers3794d ago

Might have to torrent that one. I'm not a big fan of ripping off the producers/developers but it's Uwe Boll so.....

sak5003794d ago

I did you all a favor. I downloaded it on torrent and watched it and let me tell not even worth the 1 hour d/l time for it.

xdragonelite3794d ago

two of his movies and never downloaded his movies ever again... i still regret that i used up my hard drive space to download bloodrayne and in the name of the king.

rekonizakilla3794d ago

i saw in the name of the king . Burt Reynolds is the king . enough said.

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