OXM UK Review: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

OXM UK writes: "It's as old as the hills but the Dragon Ball series is still extremely entertaining - in fact, it's now more popular in the UK than it ever has been. So what better time for the series (or rather Dragon Ball Z, its sequel) to make its debut on the Xbox 360?

Burst Limit is a 2D fighting game with cel-shaded 3D graphics. Although cel-shading has had its place in the sun, this is the first instance in a long time that we can safely say we've been genuinely impressed by it.

The character models are large and detailed, their facial expressions are fantastically animated, the cel-shading is handled so well that there's never any clipping or glitching and the whole thing runs at a smooth and speedy 60 fps without the slightest hint of slowdown. In short, it's probably the best example of cel-shading we've ever seen in a game, and is jaw-dropping when you see it in action..."

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