Boom Town GC08: Age of Conan interview

Boom Town Writes:

Age of Conan has had a few ups and downs already. The launch went well, but since then it's as if the rocket has really left the launch pad - in other words, the subscribers are leaving.

The biggest problem the players complain about is lack of content. The first 50 levels are filled with stuff to do, but then it slowly dries up and players are forced to the good old "grinding" routine, if they want to reach the highest levels - and who doesn't.

However, Funcom is aware of that. During GC08 in Leipzig we got a briefing by Funcom's Erling Ellingsen, and the message is clear - more content, lots more content. Funcom does still see Age of Conan as a success, though, and rightly so - there are still 400.000 active players.

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