OXM UK Review: Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

OXM UK writes: "So just how bad is Prince Caspian? Not a very positive attitude, true, but wave after wave of rubbish movie tie-ins, from Transformers to Spider-Man 3, has led us to approach any cinema-based game that isn't preceded by 'LEGO' in the title with some dread.

Praise then to Traveller's Tales; the developer overlays a decent interpretation of the next instalment of the Narnia universe onto a hack 'n' slash game type, mixed in with puzzles. Use a dwarf's grappling hook to reach a higher ledge, or a Minotaur's strength to chuck huge boulders out of the way. Sit back down puzzle fans - it doesn't get more brain-taxing than that.

However, a nice touch is taking that basic framework and applying it to a variety of scenarios that fit in logically with the film's storyline, thereby keeping the gameplay fresh..."

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