Nintendo of America Distributing E3 2016 Passes

There are 54 days to go until E3 2016, and Nintendo of America are looking to make sure that those requiring passes to the games industry trade show aren't empty-handed.

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Mpl901099d ago

I really hope Nintendo brings it's S game at E3 this year :D

Shubhendu_Singh1099d ago

E3 is going to be amazing this year.

Most definitely will get details on NX.
and probably something on PS4K too.
Don't think MS is going to show anything from hardware side. Understandable. But I do expect a new Xbox 2 in 2018.

Stealth20k1099d ago

Nintendo is going to have an amazing e3

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Shinobi1001099d ago

54 days until E3? That sounds sexy. I wish it was still on G4 TV. That made it more epic for those of us who can't attend

wonderfulmonkeyman1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Yeah, but we've got Directs and other web shows in lieu of that, so the blow's been softened a bit.
I mean, who doesn't get their gaming news from the internet in some form these days?

I still do miss G4TV sometimes, though.
Maybe not so much the Reality TV portions, but the other stuff, yeah...

Sirk7x1098d ago

AoTS and X-Play were like family to me...

1099d ago