Fear and Levelling in Las Vegas Article

Christian Donlan from Eurogamer writes:

"I have an admission to make: even though I've played MMOs for years, I guess I believed the stereotypes, and I expected Sony Online Entertainment's annual Fan Faire in Las Vegas to be filled with shuffling, socially-awkward freaks with poor dress sense, using obscure science-fiction references to mask their conversational inadequacy. The reasons for this are quite simple: having played MMOs for years, I'm a shuffling, socially-awkward freak with poor dress sense, and I use obscure science-fiction references to mask my conversational inadequacy.

Well, it turns out that my sad state of repair has little to do with the games I've been playing. While I searched the glossy gambling dens of Las Vegas's vast Hilton Hotel in search of nerds, shut-ins, and hunchbacks like myself, by and large I was confronted with a mass of mild-mannered families who just happened to really like MMOs - ordinary people, then, spread across a surprisingly wide demographic."

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