Cashing in: adding real names to sports games

Creating a truly authentic experience when playing video games based on the National Collegiate Athletics Association's leagues is a daunting task for the average gamer. The NCAA doesn't allow games to feature the names or likenesses of any of its student-athletes; in-game characters will be the spitting image of real-world players but feature generic names. Gamers looking to create a realistic game in which their favorite team's roster matches that of its real-world counterpart will spend a fair amount of time inputting information.

This means opportunity for a dedicated group of sports fans, and a cottage industry has begun to thrive providing gamers with realistic rosters, including real-world names. Here's how it works.

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ohnoTheRancor3731d ago

didn't EA implement the "locker room" feature to cut-out this indirect profit to 3rd parties??

if EA can't money off of it - NO ONE CAN!