GTA V Made In Pokemon Style Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

This is pure awesomeness.

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Dasteru962d ago

Pokemon made in GTA style would be better.

RufustheKing962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

A 3d pokemon would be a holy grail for alot of people. But still shouting "Nico i choose you" with such commands as "Nice use flamethrower" and instead of trying to capture them, you run them over in a car. "Oh no, nico is poisoned, use cocaine " "Health points low? use greater potion of $50 hooker" would be a laugh. Professor oak the met dealer lol

DeadManMMX962d ago

Oy that scarface soundtrack in 8 bit.

blackblades962d ago

That's was awesome, got me thinking about that collect'em game for vita and ps4 that's been in development for years.