Home: New room or a re-design?

GameXtract writes "mbsaeger of the Playstation forums found some interesting content in the Home video from Leipzig Game Convention. The screenshots below were shown in the video for nearly a split second, and most users who commented have yet to see this room. If you view the images below you will notice that the room connects to several other spaces that specialize in different games. One for example being Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty seen in the second picture. Also if you have a sharp eye you might notice the Resistance logo on the right side of the third picture. Innervision96x who claims to be a beta tester has posted in the thread commenting that the room is locked off to beta testers."

Screenshots,and full information after the jump.

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ScratchMarks3709d ago

Home should be imagined like a 3D worldwide web for gaming.

Each of these spaces in Home correspond to individual web pages that are all linked to each other either physically inside of Home or jumping directly from one to another by selecting them in the navigator.

New spaces will be constantly added to Home and the Home we see now will be vastly different and expanded a year, two years, five years from now.

Once Home is released to the general PS3 population there will be the same type of speculation and rumors that goes on with firmware updates right now, but at a much faster pace.

Home spaces are about as easy to make as laying out a webpage on your home computer. You take existing 3D geometry or build new in an art package like Maya, add logic for streaming videos and pictures on the walls and surfaces and other types of dynamic elements for avatars to interact with and export the data with the Home tools. That data is then uploaded to the Home servers and linked to the other spaces just like uploading new webpages to a HTML server.

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divideby03709d ago

so what do we do with this new space...same as the others...not much

Qbanboi3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Actually i like this space more than the others. This is like the only reason Sony made me give HOME a second chance and got my attention back. If Sony could really, get live coverage and make US feel like we were in the convention ourselves without even attending. Then, i'm sure HOME could be fun.

PimpHandStrong3709d ago


HOME will be crazy with game themed rooms! I look 4ward to seeing whats in each one!


The Uncharted room has Duck

macalatus3709d ago

HOME will be the video game console equivalent of MySpace and Facebook. Best of all, it's FREE!!

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