The First Mods for Killer Instinct Are Just Around the Corner

When Microsoft introduced its UWP apps, a lot of gamers claimed that it was impossible to mod UWP games. Well, guess again everyone. From the looks of it, the first Killer Instinct mods are just around the corner, proving that UWP apps are moddable. Killer Instinct’s member ‘Beterthnyu‘ has successfully extracted the game’s music, characters [...]

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s45gr321094d ago

Finally some good news in regards to Microsoft UWP. It proves that nothing can stop from modders from moding games 😁

TheCommentator1093d ago

I really think people are being too hard on MS at this stage. MS has been targeting the needs of their customers much better lately, and in spite of peoples' fears over the UWP, it appears that MS has been very open and honest about their intentions from the beginning. People have a right to be cautious, but it is good news to see that MS is making good on the promises they've made to the industry and its consumers thus far.