Another Year Of PlayStation Growth? #1 – Welcome, Friends

PlayStation Beyond is running a regular feature in which it looks at the next steps for the PlayStation brand.

This time: The continued support of the PS2 and updates to the PS3.

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HighDefinition3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I told you so......

It`s seems like the "wheels" in Sony`s Playstation division never stop turning.

UnSelf3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I tried to warn you

EDIT: @HD ur changing around to much lol. i cant keep up

HighDefinition3703d ago

I usally NEVER do that.

BTW....I`m done.

UnSelf3703d ago

lol affirmative

but yeah um...told u so NB's

enjoi1873703d ago

once the 360 gets its price cuts everyone will see...its the only reason ps2 is still going...its cheap....just like the 360 will be cheap....please dont talk about paying for online or that crap...not everyone plays online(as far as the mass makerket.They dont play online) the ps2 who the fudge plays online with that anymore(if you do im sorry)...come Christmas time we will see who will sell more.....hummmm for my little kid $200 or $400..what will parents go with....and as far as little kids and online all they know about is pretty much Halo. MUHAHAHHAH MUAHAHAHHA

i still love my blu-ray player(ps3) and waiting for killzone 2

UnSelf3703d ago

u seem pretty excited about buyin things for other ppl.

want my address? u can buy me a system since ur in such a giving mood

SyphonFilter3703d ago

this kid is jealous that 360 is a pos and all the games go to pc. 360 peaked and it got outsold by ps3 and ps3 cost more.even with a price drop it got outsold.

Hububla3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

The parents arent guna buy their kids a 360 because its cheaper... the 360 was way cheaper then the PS3 last christmas and it still got outsold by the PS3... you know why??? because the parents are going out and buying a Wii for their kids.. not a 360.. and while they are there they pick up a PS3 for themselves.. its only moronic teenagers that scream halo from the rooftops and do no research on a product before buying it that buy the 360 no matter how cheap it is

Danja3703d ago

Last Time I checked the 360 was always cheaper than the PS3 yet the PS3 keeps outselling the ur logic is deeply flawed....

R_19933702d ago

If they drop the price of the 360 even more people will think of it as "cheap" (as in not very good quality).

mfwahwah3702d ago

Despite the flaws in your arguments, I'll gladly agree with you.

"come Christmas time we will see who will sell more.....hummmm for my little kid $200 or $400..what will parents go with"

Ok. 360 gets all the "little kid(s)," and PS3 gets everybody else. I'll go for that. Don't be modest, you made a great point for your vastly superior system.

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Liar3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

The PS3 is in 3rd place; where it will stay!

The only thing that will see growth for the PS3, is the size of mandatory installs!

The 3rd Place3703d ago

3rd place is where I belong!

bootsielon3703d ago

Don't cry when 360 ends up being the 3rd60

AIi_The_Brit3703d ago

and 360 is second

the wii is just... lets not even include the dirty wii, it sold out on gamers, and now parties with the casual crowd ONLY, when your mother has a better chance at buying it than you then thats when you know its over

the 360 launched a good year before the PS3, and rightly so it got ALOT of love because for its time it was an amazing console

but the 360 was then the 360 days ended in 2008

what does this mean? a years head start and immense popularity made the 360 second place

wii is in first

and sadly for now PS3 is in third, dont worry though tides will change i can bet every game i own on it, and its happening now

Dyingduck3703d ago

To my beloved Xbot M$ lemming…I mean Xbox360 friend,

So, what is like playing a 10-year Too Flop? 10-years must make it one hella good Flop!

Oh wait, did you forget to pay your LIVE bill...yet? You don't want to pay 50 bucks for 1 month worth of LIVE. Hey, I am here for you if you need any loan. I promise I won’t charge you 100% interest if you’re late!

Oh yeah, how many times did you say your beloved 360 pooped out, RRODed? I was wondering, was it like more annoying the first time or the 4th time? I bet you had M$ support numbers saved somewhere on your phone. Do you know if Sony has one? I never had to call…

Speaking of which, how many games did you lose due to disc scratching problems? Have you tried renting Xbox360 games? It’s like playing Russian roulette with 3 chambers and one bullet! Yeah, I am totally sorry that one time my dog ran over your Xbox360 while you were playing Too Flop. My dog did the same crap on mine, but I just continued playing.

Did your living room burn down yet due to over-heating? Did you try to cook eggs on the XBOX, yet? My friends did and it worked. We actually ate the eggs ON it – we got bored playing too flop…

What are you going to do to your crap-box come this September or whenever your warranty runs out? My favorite was to use it as a door stopper or use it as a book-end…'s Halo 3? What!!? You're playing CoD4, instead? Aww, me too!!! Of course, mine is free to play on dedicated less-lag servers! No worries brother, you DEFINTELY don’t need to worry about lag when playing a FPS!

You must be also very excited for Gears2! It will be just like those OLD, glorious days!!! ... in fact, "EXACTLY" like those old times! Enjoy your Gears 1.5! Aww, don’t worry about me you silly goose, I’ll get the superior version on my PC just like the original Gear! No need to be so concerned!
Go here:

So, what about your HD? Did you run out of space? Want to borrow my 320GB HD? Awww! Too bad you can't, go spend ~120 dollars on 60gigs…I got my 320gigs @ for like ~2games worth. It’s a good deal.

Oh and what color will you make your kiddie Wii-copycap avatar wear? I am excited!!! Please tell me when you know! I will be waiting.

Well until next time,
RIP, 360
-Your fellow PS3 friend


SUMMARY (for you dummies): You were destined to be last the day you were born...

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Cajun Chicken3703d ago

Because ones a 'Liar' and consoles can't talk, well...unless you count that really loud fan and DVD-Drive of the 360 in the corner my room.

KILLERAPP3703d ago

Is a great time to own both consoles great games coming up but there are too many and so little time.

mfwahwah3702d ago

Or a PS3 and PC (and Wii if you really want). I'd rather save the few hundred on the console and the yearly payments to miss out on a few exclusives that I don't want. I can still buy Mass Effect, Gears, Alan Wake, etc.

I'll be honest and say I'm really jealous of Fable 2 (as long as it doesn't disappoint like 1 did, but I'm confident in it), but I'm not forking over hundreds to play it. I won't be surprised if it comes out on PC later though, which would be really great for me.

Not trying to hate on the 360, it's just that I have just about no reason to buy one.

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