The best water in gaming

We've come a long way from blue pixels: from graphics, to physics to water levels, here is some of the best water in gaming today.

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crazychris41241094d ago

The water in Cities Skylines is pretty cool. Its fun destroying a dam and watching it flood the city. Just wish they would do more with it like floods sparking fires and cause civilians to panic.

gamingden1094d ago

You're right, it's really cool the way you have to keep an eye on the direction that it flows to stop pollution and contamination! From Dust is another really cool game like that with really dynamic water.

vudu1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I always make a poop lake in C:S to avoid downstream pollution.

camel_toad1094d ago

Yeh I agree and while From Dust was a good game but didn't quite reach great it's still more than deserving of a sequel that trumps the original; though I doubt we'll get one.

Movefasta19931094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

The Crysis games,just dive under water and you'll see why.It looks amazing,the ripples are amazing and under water looks amazing. 0:36 looks crazy.


Crysis 3 looked Amazing! Plus the light reflecting off the water ripples and bouncing onto surrounding objects is something NO other game has... I can't wait to see what Crysis 4 looks like if they make one on PS4/X1

Movefasta19931093d ago

i would like to see a crysis 4, the crysis series is better then whatever else they have been pushing out this gen.

Vegamyster1093d ago

Red Alert 3 also has amazing looking water, really takes you in during large battles.

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SavingPvt_Highon1094d ago

Arkham Knight had amazing water, but it was too dark of a game to see its full glory I think.

camel_toad1094d ago

Not sure why you're getting the disagrees except for bandwagon haters - look at screenshots of it and you'll be reminded that Arkham Knight does have some great looking water

Aquacure1094d ago

Because its the water that N4G needs, but not the one it needs right now.

Adexus1094d ago

Yeah definitely, there's little of it though so you also don't see it that often.

vikingland11094d ago

The rain was good too....that's water too.