Dark Souls 3′s Commercial Success Validates The Lack Of Easy Mode

Pixelgate writes:

''Dark Souls 3′s strong sales has surely put to bed the idea that its difficulty is a problem. One of the core arguments about adding a easy mode was that the inclusion would increase sales. While that may have some truth to it, kudos should be paid towards From Software for sticking to their proven formula.''

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Miguelitons1092d ago

It seems the main audience of the game just loves Dark Souls as it is, no need to change the proven formula.

Blacklash931092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Adding an option for an easier difficulty isn't 'changing the formula' at all.

I'm have no personal interest in the idea as I'd just play the regular difficulty like I always have, but it's not like the option for an easy mode would necessarily hurt anything or be a detriment to the established audience.

I'm not seeing why this is such an issue. Plenty of games that are generally harder than Dark Souls have an easy mode option. Ninja Gaiden Black, DMC3, etc. It doesn't compromise the harder difficulties.

DragonKnight1092d ago

It would fundamentally change the online entirely.

Blacklash931092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )


It wouldn't necessarily be a big change. They could just segregate the two groups of players - only easy mode players can summon easy mode players, etc. I doubt there aren't any acceptably elegant design solutions.

Herpofderpopol1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I think part of it is that the games are known for their difficulty. The other part is how difficulty is done in games, it's often little more than the same game with enemies with more health and damage,and that feels kinda of hollow to me (heh). Something about the universal challenge seems to have helped make the community so tight as well, which is another special point of the game.

Razputin1092d ago

@Blacklash your argument is fundamentally flawed.

Those games required you to clear areas of enemies and levels to progress, ultimately to an end section/level boss.

The Souls series doesn't require entirely.

You can go through the game without ever seeing certain enemies and bosses. You can, and sometimes have to run through certain sections to get to that next section or boss. This game isn't about killing everything, its about getting through it however you can.

And on top of all that you can coop. You can get summoned with no penalty and see what is going to lie ahead for you. Then you can summon someone else to help you.

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Garethvk1092d ago

They were a bit stingy with review copies but they knew their audience and played right to them.

oakshin1092d ago

Most people that would play on easy mode wouldnt like would waterdown the i saying dont add a easy mode?no i am not but what i am saying is most new players wouldnt like it a souls game is every short and unrewarding without its challenge

King Nezz1092d ago

There is already an easy mode. It's called co-op. I usually beat the games by myself the first time. Only after that, is when I use summoning.

PixelGateUk1092d ago

For sure, but once you've beaten the 'area boss' you can't summon, which would no doubt be one element some would take issue with.

Personally i find DS 3 to be perfectly tuned in terms of challenge

King Nezz1092d ago

Yeah I think it's tuned nicely. But I don't know if you ran by those skeleton ninjas (what I call them) by that big turret. Forgot what it's called... By the giant worm deep underground. Anyways, those guys are so cheap. I had issues with those.

PixelGateUk1092d ago

Aye i know which ones you mean, their patterns are kinda hard to nail down purely because how they move. I just turtle them like a cheap ass :P

kevnb1092d ago

Easy mode is picking the knight.

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