No Man's Sky: A Tour of 5 Beautiful Planets

IGN stopped in at one small No Man's Sky solar system and took a quick tour of five new, wildly different planets.

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OoglyBoogly1097d ago

I'd like to know how much of this is actually in the game and how much of it was specially made for this demo build they're showing off.

I ask because, while I know it's a game, I'd like to believe that the planets shown here won't be like this in game. We already know they use special builds that give planets more life to make them "pop" more when showing it off so I hope that these are just prettied up.

I say this because I find it odd that ANYTHING could survive, let alone evolve into a complex organism, on a planet that's 750 degree's Celsius. That's like 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit...that's enough to melt metal. The entire surface of the planet should be molten.

Now I know I'm being picky here and I don't know what level of "customization" has been applied to the demo version but I can't help but feel that some of it is a little immersion breaking. While I know the game isn't aiming to be super realistic or anything having trees and living beings on a 1,400F planet (or a -260F planet for that matter) just doesn't seem...right...

Oh well, still looks awesome and certainly can't wait for it I guess I just hope that it would have been a little more realistic I suppose!

ArchangelMike1097d ago

Well we can't live underwater but there are plenty of organisms that can, we can't live on Mercury or Venus but who's to say there aren't organisms that can and do? Alien life is... well... alien. We can't live in 750 degrees Celcius, but who is to say that there is not an organism out there in space that can? The laws of earth no longer apply when you are in the distant reaches of the depths of space.

But anyway, No Man's Sky is a game. It's not a real life simulation of space. It's suppose to be fun, colourful and accessible - not like real space, black and cold and empty. The planets and aliens shown so far are all within the same solar system. Hello Games are careful not to show too much, so they have shown planets and gameplay from the same 4 planets. All the aliens are proceedureally generated, so in the actual game we'll probably get aliens that are very different than the ones in these vids.

OoglyBoogly1096d ago

My point is that the temperatures are unrealistic. Want to make a planet that's hot enough to possibly cause suit damage but still could maybe have life? Try 250F...not something hot enough to melt aluminum alloy or magnesium. It's unrealistic. Yes, we don't know what life could be out there, but I highly doubt given the state or organic matter (which they are in this game) that something could evolve on a planet that should be a giant ball of lava.

vudu1096d ago

The game creators made their own periodic table of elements. Perhaps these created elements made created alloys that can withstand 1000 degrees C.

DanteVFenris6661097d ago

If this is your idea of realistic no game ever has been realistic.

OoglyBoogly1096d ago

Not true. And I'm not asking for absolute realism or anything. I'm just saying that the temperatures this game uses are extremely unrealistic.

ArchangelMike1096d ago

How do you reconcile the fact that Mankind has never travelled to another planet. We have only ever traveleed to the moon. So, by your logic - No Man's Sky is completely unrealistic. In fact now that I think of it, so is Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Mass Effect, Star Wars... do I need to go on???

I honestly don't think your point is valid becasue we're talkng about a game here. A game by definition is a work of entertainment. Furthermore, a sci-fi game allows for such flights of fancy, and suspesion of disbelief, becasue we understand that the medium is for fun and entertainment. I mean if that is your standard, then what games do you play? I can't hink of any games that are "realistic."

OoglyBoogly1096d ago

Having trees and animals on a planet hot enough to melt aluminum alloy isn't just unrealistic, it's ridiculous. Are the trees and animals made of steel?

I'm not saying at all that the game needs to be super real or anything like that. My point is that the temperatures they're using in this game are ridiculous by any standards.