Sony Isn't Positive There Will Be A PlayStation 5

Despite the fact that the current generation of home consoles are doing even better than the previous generation, that hasn’t stopped the consistent rumors about this generation potentially being the last one from remaining. Now we have some info regarding the potential of a PlayStation 5, and the response from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida was pretty surprising.

Game Informer’s Lorne Lanning revealed that he had a private dinner with Yoshida during this year’s DICE event, where he asked him about the PlayStation 5. Lanning revealed the following:

“I said, ‘What does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ And he said, ‘You mean if…’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. Are you willing to say that on stage?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it’s an if.'”

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Relientk773016d ago

I hope there's a PS5 in the future

Ninver3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

If there isn't I think I'll quit gaming all together.

freshslicepizza3015d ago

sorry to see you go. i know i will be still enjoying my hobby playing games.

DarthMoose3016d ago

Lol, 4 disagrees? Silly xbots. Smh.

Next_gen_20153016d ago

I'll just wait for the Ps5.5

Hate to get screwed over again by sony...

miyamoto3016d ago

I think the PlayStation console is gonna follow how cars are sold from now on. All new design good for 4-6 years with refreshes, redesign, base model, eco, premium, sport, limited, & ultimate models. LOL!

DreadGara3016d ago

Sony relying on console sales more than mobiles and TV's, So this topic argument is invalid....it's exactly like saying Microsoft Windows 10 could be the last Software or IPhone coming/current mobile is the last. Whoever came with this idea is out of his mind.

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Blashted3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I think a PS5 would be pointless. They've aced almost everything from the UI to the controller with the PS4. Console generations alienate gamers from each other and divide the gaming library causing the often unfulfilled need for backwards compatibility. For example, on PC there are no generations. Everyone can play with each other no matter what game is nor how old the game is, there are no backwards compatibility issues. (Excluding 16 bit games from the 90s.) The PC gets upgrades every so often, and gamers don't have to worry about buying a completely new system with new controller, UI, etc. then have to lose a whole library of games then hope Sony is able to bring backwards compatibility somehow. What Sony needs to do is make PlayStation like Windows 10 in the aspect that it is the "final" platform with no end. The infinite platform. Like how MS will build on Windows 10 for years and years to come. Just release a new version of the PS4 every 4 years or so with new hardware and maybe new aesthetics. Imagine 20 years from now being able to play all your games from the past 20 years on the same PlayStation platform without having to worry about backwards compatibility. We lose many, many great games to "last generation" platforms, and only a few get "remastered", which even then is an utter cash grab. This next gen has been far behind in technology and the lack of 60fps in many titles is pathetic. GPU/CPU/RAM technologies are evolving faster than ever before and the traditional console cycle won't survive in this new environment. They need to adapt to stay relevant. Consoles are great for what they are but they are holding back innovation because of lengthy cycles and low end hardware. If Sony can make PS4 the forever platform and evolve it every few years, and it doesn't have to deal with backwards compatibility ever again, then PlayStation will dominate the market for the rest of console history.

KwietStorm_BLM3016d ago

So what's the difference between a PS5 and releasing a "new PS4" every 4 years?

Blashted3016d ago

A PS5 would be a completely new platform with a different UI, Controller, Headset, etc. Lots to adapt to like from PS3 to PS4. And perhaps backwards compatibility issues knowing Sony. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Goldby3016d ago


omg, PS4 had a different controller from PS3. it didn't stop people from playing on their PS3 with the DS4 controller when it was announced. and the UI's are actually just different Versions of the same XMB (Cross Media Bar) by that standards, no game should be able to be played on PC unless they are all running Windows 10, as Windows 8.1 has a different UI than 10 and most Likely has different KB/M set up. Head set... really thats a 3.5 jack and all that would be changin is getting rid of that stupid Dongle for their Gold headsets by having that bluetooth built into the console.

"They need to adapt to stay relevant. Consoles are great for what they are but they are holding back innovation because of lengthy cycles and low end hardware. If Sony can make PS4 the forever platform and evolve it every few years, and it doesn't have to deal with backwards compatibility ever again, then PlayStation will dominate the market for the rest of console history."

Holding back innovation? Some of the best looking and best playing games have been built on Consoles, with that limited hardware. NMS was built initially just for PS4. and they figured a way to fit a Universe inside a PS4. how is that holding back innovation? Ninja Theory is creating Hellblade, it has some of the most impressive Facial Animations and is able to actually potray emotions in way othe games have only dreamed. Thats on the PS4 and PC, initially just on PS4 but Epic stepped in to help them reach their end goal. How are these being held back by the PS4?

Now if we were to have a version of PS4 today and one from 20 years from now, they both will not be able to play the same game. and no matter how many "examples" of Apple or samsung games showing otherwise. those aren't on the same level as consoles,

A game built for todays Console would theorestically run on a system built to run that software no matter how late in the gen it is, or how many decades. but thats because it is simply taking the base game and improving on the graphics or frame rate. but with more power and room to work with comes more experimenting and expanding on Ideas. all of a sudden a normal Animation or texture is built for a system that is x amount more powerful and can handle those requests. Lets say for example there is an RPG that measures damage based on Area of hit and Depth of hit. a 1 cm stab in the arm won't do as much as a 1 cm stab to the chest or head. how is a console built 20 years ago, or even 5 years ago supposed to handle that load while still doing the normal things it has to and still keep up the image and frame rate, heres the answer it wont. Games are barely holding onto the cliff with the Systems now when they are built for these systems. with these stupid multiversion gen it'll either be Empty games that look beautiful or Dense games that cant run faster than a paraplegic donkey on a snow sled.

Rant over.

darthv723016d ago

@goldby... your final remark is offensive to paraplegic donkeys.

rocketpanda3016d ago


What utter tosh! As much as I enjoy playing on my ps4, wanting it to be a "forever" platform is never going to happen unless it becomes a PC which we already have. At this point consoles are so far technically behind in hardware. Why do you think Sony is bringing out a 4.5 version? Is it even needed because it the spec isn't much of s bump. Having stable 30fps is ok? FFS, super Mario ran at 60.

And if you think frame rates don't make a difference then give up gaming. Some developers get it, Hi-Rez added the option to turn 60fps in smite on the PS4 and it plays so much better.

The console market, while still large is shrinking whilst the PC market, which is the "forever" platform keep's growing because by nature it doesn't care about life cycles. You bought a game and change some hardware, you can still play the game. On Xbox or Playstation, you got a PS3 version of a game but just bought a new console, that's another $60, thank you.

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Tankbusta403016d ago

You lost me at "make things like Windows 10"

UltraNova3016d ago

Trust me I know what you mean...

Forn3016d ago

Wouldn't a console like that just then become a PC?

Ark_3016d ago

X1 and PS4 are PCs allready, just with a proprietary OS (aka closed ecosystem).
Another difference is that "consoles" miss modularity, which is as much an advantage as an disadvantage imo.

Ark_3016d ago

On another topic: My guess is, that e.g. Microsoft will release it's Xbox UI for all Win10 PCs sometimes along the way (in a way like SteamOS), basically giving all PCs access to the easy plug and play "experience" and instead of releasing another console, they will release a Microsoft branded PC, which allows to also run every app and software available to Win10. Basically you can boot that Box then into Win10 mode or Xbox mode.

Maybe Sony will follow that approach in a slightly different way soon: they allways call PSVR a ecosystem of it's own. So I guess they will release their PSVR for PC as well and open it up to a wider market. A step in a similar direction ...

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Pongwater3016d ago

Make PS like Windows? No thank you, and no thank you again.

Sajuuk3016d ago

Spare us the PC is superior garbage,and so are the abundance of cheater too, but somehow pc gamers never tell that side of the story. The fact is pc gaming is a pain, waiting for graphic card updates and Netframe crashes the cheaters and list goes on. Yes there will be a PS5.

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psnoob3016d ago

He is trolling and this is a troll article :)

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TheTwelve3016d ago

Lol, Sony trying to lull the competition to sleep again. =)