‘Silent Hills is the Greatest Game that Never Happened’

Alex Mazey from GamersFTW writes:

“Down the corridor, location and time are confirmed by an alarm clock, complimenting the cold lighting with its green, digital display. Further on, between the buzz of radio static, a news caster recalls the events of a string of domestic homicides. Really, this trailer was setting up a narrative in an artistic and nuanced way, something we rarely ever see in the flashy world of video games. The Silent Hills’ playable teaser offered something entirely different, seeing the game as an experience, rather than just players pushing buttons.”

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MrsNesbitt1568d ago

Silent Hill took a battering in the later versions, they were that awful. This was the only ray of hope for the series, and they crushed it!!!

joedom1568d ago

What we have to remember is that all we have to go on for what Silent Hills may have been is PT- a playable teaser. It's hard to say what the final product might have been like from the small amount of gameplay that we had

Tody_ZA1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

You did know the creative talents behind the game right? Kojima, Del Toro, Norman Reedus, Junji Ito...

Who wouldn't want to see what that game could have been? Even it's most disappointing form would probably have destroyed most triple A horror games. P.T certainly made a name for itself just being a 'teaser'.

What we have to remember is that Konami sucks (insert vile phrases here).

mixelon1568d ago

What SHs showed though was a full understanding of, and proper, respectful, intellectual treatment of the franchise. That had been missing from the series for a long time as it descended into rote repetition and self reference. I can't imagine a game by the PT team being anything less than great.

Davi1231568d ago

I just agreed with you on: "we have to remenber this..."

ManonWire1568d ago

"potentially" the greatest game that never happened.

I remember when MGS V: TPP came out. All I saw was praise upon praise for it. It turned out to be the weakest MGS game ever. Heck, it's an incomplete game. How did it get perfect scores?. Lol.

You can never say Silent Hills would've been a great game.

Hold_It1568d ago

Is it though? I don't think having Norman Reedus carry a game is a great idea.

IWentBrokeForGaming1568d ago

Too many "horror" games have become walk here, click here BS. I will not say Silent Hills was that amazing cause it's concept has massively been whored out since. If I could've seen a evolution of gameplay like first person in houses, 3rd person on street, ACTUAL combat system, 3rd person view graphics. I would've gladly liked to rave about it as such. But the formula from P.T. Has been massively duplicated and played out at this point that it makes P.T. Not carry the same weight it once did!