The ultimate guide to the bosses of Dark Souls III

Pixel Dynamo presents some tips and tactics to slay Lothric’s mightiest creatures.

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Pongwater1092d ago

Finished my first play through earlier today. Great game as always, but I don't agree with those who say it's the best of the series and the bosses are part of the reason why. They look cool as usual but they're some of the easiest Souls bosses imo. The battles are pretty basic too. The last boss in particular was a bit of a letdown. Still loved the game though.

spartan_dx1092d ago

Have to agree there specially after beating bloodborne dlc. Im still playing through ds3 and thoroughly enjoying it but so far ds1 is still my favorite its the most put together and consistent of the series both in mechanics and story, DeS had the best atmosphere and world imo, i personally love a medieval theme with dragons and demons... as opposed to zombies. Bloodborne was amazing as well with its monsters and lovecraft vive and the combat is incredibly addictive it just lacked in content and felt short. Dark souls 3 is packed with content but feels like its the culmination of all the prior games and falls short of being its own thing.