Have Video Games Reached a Plateau?

Neil from Lizard Lounge writes, "Later this year the Xbox One and PS4 turn three. Three years that, in my opinion, have yet to land a telling shot on the gaming public. Three years of treading water, churned out remasters and little innovation. Where is this gen’s Gears of War, where is this gen’s Uncharted? Other than the fourth instalment of each of those titles of course."

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naruga1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

No definitely No..are films reached a plateau ;;; i say that graphics may reached a peak or will reach soon..but after graphics there is creativity and visuals are just a tool of what you want to present-create can say that also creativity in games in some way degraded in a big scale with the prievious gen ...Cod ,Division, Destiny, Halo ,KIllzone were all generic shooters in prettier or uglier costumes ....but Bloodborne, Dsouls , MonHunter ,Journey even very fined fighting games like Virtua Fighter 4 prove that there is a ton of potential in game creation depending heavily on what art direction and mechanics you will follow

TFJWM1976d ago

Films have plateaued for awhile now....

You say gaming hasn't but then list either sequels or spiritual successors. The only game on your list that would be something new is Journey and that was released over 4 years ago...

Deadpooled1976d ago

Yep comic books have literally bailed out Hollywood, otherwise the AAA movie industry would have been in trouble years ago.

kraenk121975d ago

There always are exceptional mind blowing movies as there are mind blowing games...they just don't happen very often since publishers prefer to play it safe...Sadly.

Just watch a movie like The Fall ( by Tarsem Singh, not the newer sh*t) today and realise it's still high above most movies made today. It's the same with exceptional games like TLOU.

Bathyj1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Not at all. Everyone's just too jaded.

UltraNova1976d ago

I think this is because this gen we are in a constant state of moving on to the next big thing in order not to feel being left out which in turn distracts us from taking the necessary time to appreciate innovations and great stories in games.

Its either huge open world games that get release nearly every month, its VR's promise of 'the new thing', its the new mid-cycle upgraded console rumors and the list goes on.

I find my self rushing through a game more and more these days because I know I have even more to play, more money to save to get PSVR and maybe a new ps4 which might not play my back catalog without patches etc...

When there's no time to appreciate anything things become stale, they reach a plateau in our minds.

vikingland11976d ago

There are a few new IP's coming this year so I would say wait a little longer. No mans sky, Wild , Horizon just to name a few. Plus there have been some new IP's already Sunset Overdrive and Ori come to mind and I would also add TW3 because it was made totally different than the previous 2. There are more but I'm not going to make a list , the author needs to do more research .

jaymacx1975d ago

New IPs doesn't mean something new though. Many times new IPs are just a different version of the same genre like Halo ---> Destiny. New concepts, new play control, new ways to tell a story are ways games can feel more fresh. Thing is most of the time companies copy what's popular instead of innovating.

vikingland11975d ago

So then you mean they need to make new genres or the same genres we have now with different mechanics. I guess.

uth111976d ago

Maybe there hasn't been anything terribly groundbreaking yet. But there are games on the horizon like No Man's Sky and Dreams that are pushing the envelope.

Free_Fro1976d ago

I'm not sure what it is but I've found it very difficult to be impressed by this gen thus far. That's not to say I don't appreciate developers efforts. I do, more than grateful. But it's been very thin. I'm confident things will get better.

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