New Burnout 5 images

New images of Criterion Games' upcoming title Burnout 5. The images are ripped from "a PDF document of the article in OPM about Burnout 5".

Alex Ward has talked about how good the crashes will look like in Burnout 5 (he said it was gonna be "beyond everything you've ever seen, beyond anything that we've ever done"), and by the look of things, he sure wasn't lying.

Anyway, check out the images below. If you wanna check out the PDF of the OPM article you can get it from the Criterion Games website.

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Peace5244d ago

they look nice and all but don't hop on it just yet it's concept art.

power of Green 5244d ago

Them cut scens are tight too bad the game is garbage.

DJ5244d ago

And Criterion prefers Playstation hardware, so you know they're going to kick ass on that. I'm still amazed that they're making a new Burnout title for PS2 as well. With an install base of 110 million though, it's a great idea.

Funky Town_TX5244d ago

Somehow you out the fanboy spin on it. Eitherway these are not in game. I have a feeling that you will be making excusses up for the PS3 version. This game will be a PS2 port. Remember EA runs the show.

TheMART5244d ago


Why was Burnout Revenge then looking better, sharper etc. on the original XBOX then?

Seen all the colourproblems on the PS3, like washed out with the wrong washing powder I foresee all multiplatform games look better on the 360

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The story is too old to be commented.