PS3 Firmware Update 4.80 Released – Super Stable

There’s a new firmware update out today for the PS3, so if you’re still rocking that old piece of hardware you’ll be in for a surprise when you next turn it on.

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Circuitburnout1099d ago

Firing up mine tonight to redownload Demon Souls and install Dark Souls again. Need more Souls action after playing through DS3

Spyroo1099d ago

They will do Demons Souls Scholar of the First Sin Edition to PS4

And Bloodborne 2

Circuitburnout1098d ago

I doubt they'll remake Demon's Souls for PS4, I'd love it but I doubt it.

brando0081099d ago

I just jumped back into Demon's Souls a week ago, for the first time since playing at launch. Absolutely amazed to this day how From Software ushered forth such a great formula for the Souls series.

GNCFLYER1099d ago

2 step authentication. Thank god for this. Now everyone who gameshares cant go to forums and reddit and scream "i was hacked and sony doesnt care"

Spyroo1099d ago

A friend who works at PlayStation support he told me some people who contacted them who were 'hacked' all said they entered their email and password on some other random phishy websites like 'free games site add details here' or 'free black ops 3 coins' etc they all fell for phishing scams and they don't realise..

GNCFLYER1099d ago

Yeah that does happen. Recently someone got hacked through adobe old version. So PC or gameaharing. A lot of times its gamesharing though.

WildArmed1099d ago

Phishing scams are too common... And it's just not for psn unf.

Only if people learn if it's too good to be true, it's not -- they could avoid so many scams

TheUndertaker851099d ago

Why people shouldn't gameshare with individuals they don't know.

I have mine logged into my cousins but that is all. He buys random games I like to play and vice versa. Plus split the cost of games we both know we're interested in.

Loktai1099d ago

That's the only safe way to go... a single trusted person. It makes gaming cheaper

nevin11099d ago

Is there still game sharing on PS4?

TheUndertaker851098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

@nevin1: Yes, it is possible to set a home system on PS4. Once done it allows games downloaded from said user to be downloaded and played by any user on the system. If they have PS+ it also extends the network to the whole system.

When a person signs in on another PS4 and stays signed in it does the same without having to set the second system up as the primary PS4.

Xbox One and PS4 handle it the same.

rebeljoe141099d ago

good cause I'm about to get to blightown in Dark Souls and I need all the stability I can get