10 Video Games No Player Should Miss out On

Each generation of consoles brings a ton of incredible video games that warrant your time. But here are the 10 games you shouldn't miss out on.

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TesMgsFan1095d ago

Not even Metal Gear Solid.....

Sly-Lupin1092d ago

I can only assume every gamer out there has already played Metal Gear Solid. I can't see any other reason why Ford would use it as the basis for a car commercial in 2016.

Rebel_Scum1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Based on that argument not every gamer has played Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil, FFVII or any of the other big name game on the list?

He listed one not on the list that as you put, every gamer out there has played. Makes no sense friend.

Orejillz1094d ago

The Last of Us for sure.

capitanandi1094d ago

I lie awake at night wondering how Portal 2 can be so good. It's sorcery. Unforgettable game.

PerfidiousSinn1093d ago

I could play Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask every year and never tire of it.

ziggurcat1093d ago

i feel as though people actually can/should miss out on FFVII, and pokemon...

Sly-Lupin1092d ago

Well, some people have really bad taste. Some people have really good taste. And some people are just completely random in their taste.

Opinions are, like, *super* weird.

Rebel_Scum1092d ago

With Pokemon I'm of the opinion that if you've played one, thats it. Don't bother playing another. They're not that much different. Same fricken Snorlax on the same fricken bridge everytime. It makes me so mad lol.

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