Sony: Publisher exclusivity probably "a thing of the past"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has told that he believes deals with publishers to make certain titles platform exclusives is probably "a thing of the past" - but that working directly with developers is something "that works".

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Sevir043757d ago

and spend your other dollars on small independent companies who have no publishers who want to push the envelope but don't have the recourses,

this kind of working is shown when they published the first motorstorm which was by evolution studios who before they became first party, the next was LBP with MediaMolecule, and the most prominent title thats victim of this tactic is Quantic dreams with Heavy Rain:TOK, David said that Shuhei Yoshida will announmce more games that may follow in that light at Japan in 2 months it's gonna be awesome. Sony's Year is going to be awesome

bring on the rest of the games

marinelife93757d ago

I remember Sony and MS mentioning before that they were saving some of their biggest announcements for TGS.

StephanieBBB3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

The thing is multiplatforms in the past use to be just as good as exclusives but now when one console like the PS3 is build for games in the future this is not the case anymore. Games that are developed on the PS3 often runs better and has alot more content on them. This is the bad thing imo. If sony made a console that wasn't so advanced, multiplatforms would still hold the expectations in gameplay and lenght. 20 hour games are hard to fit on a DVD9 but in the mean while 100 hour games are easy to fit on a blueray disc. The 100 hour game takes alot longer to develop but in the end that pays off in market sales.

The only problem is whence we get the 100 hour games on one console we won't settle with anything less on any other console and thats when development cost sky-rockets and it's hard to make a game without an publisher or sponsor.

I think the best thing would be for smaller developers that doesn't have unlimited money to make games like fat princess. Don't try to make it a blockbuster AAA title but still come up with an fun concept and a good game, people will still buy it and love it if it has some innovative content. Anyhow for those developers that knows that they have the horse power behind them to make an legendary game ( like Killzone 2) just go all out and blow everyone away. Take your time to make the game too because in the end it will pay off.

bluecapone3757d ago

its all about first party titles

rogimusprime3757d ago

at least this generation. I still think they should have done more to secure the franchises THEY invested in with the playstation brand. Devil May Cry and Ace combat should have been only on PS3. You can disagree if you want to, but you know the $hit would hit the fan if Halo 4 came out on PS3. Halo is a just an XBOX brand.

I realize what the guy is trying to say, but these exclusives would have helped sony grow their install base faster. Admittedly, they don't seem to need any help right now.

Raoh3757d ago

"And Reeves hinted that some of the key announcements from Sony at Tokyo Games Show would be software-related."

cant wait to hear more

alster233757d ago

good i was a bit dissapointed wiht leipzig. but tgs means rpgs so more rpg games?

Common Sense3757d ago

at Leipzig?
Sony was the only one who had a press conference.

Stryfeno23757d ago

On that note, Tekken 6 confirmed for 360...Cant wait.

SI7VER3757d ago

I didn't know that this game was going multi plat too.


juuken3757d ago

On another note, it hasn't been confirmed.
Keep waiting.

Stryfeno23757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )


“It hasn’t been determined yet as of this moment”

Translation: If Sony pays up, it will be an exclusive. If they don’t, Namco is going to be the one who lose.

Knowing Sony, they won’t because he just comfirmed it in this article.

juuken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

That doesn't mean it's coming to the 360 moron.
It has yet to be determined moron.

And even if it comes to the 360, you can have it. It just proves Microsoft's unoriginality these days.

Stryfeno23757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Its funny how droids forget the past. Let me refresh your memory.

1. VF5 PS3 Exclusive

2. DMC4 PS3 Exclusive

3. FF13 PS3 Exclusive

4. Fatal Inertia, Beautiful Katamari, Assasin Creed

And so on...Disagree if you want but the proof is in the pudding.

juuken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Still proves Microsoft is very unoriginal.

You fail.

Also, the PS3 snagged exclusives of their own. Last Remnant and Star Ocean are timed exclusives. Eternal Sonata is coming to the PS3 as well.

LuHawk3757d ago

snagg these nutts hoe

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DA_SHREDDER3757d ago

If they arent dedicated to the ones who made them who they are then maybe they don't deserve to be our libraries. Also,, I feel bad for microsoft. The only good games on the system are multiplats.

DaKid3757d ago

If your talking about Final Fantasy 13 that is the worst thing you could do. Anyways why does a game being multiplat make it bad? it doesn't, you just beleive it does. If its a good game buy it show the Dev some support from your repective system. Just remember these other devs are out to make money, you know so they can stay in business.

What Sony is doing this gen is great, they are supporting their 1st party devs, and these devs are coming up with some great looking games(gameplay wise). This article is spot on with what the future will look like in video games IMO.

lonestarmt3757d ago

What Sony is doing this year its hurting them. I respect their stance on this and it makes sense, but what they have to understand as long as the keep this attuide and MS keeps on spending the $ to keep things out of sony's hand they are not going to gain any ground that they lost. I'm a Sony fan, and always will be, but seeing that they are totally ignoring the rpg fanbase thier first years is getting on my nerves. I hope TGS Delivers there.

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