E3 2016: Why Nintendo Fans Should Be Excited

June seems to be just around the corner, and along with it comes E3 — a simultaneously exciting yet nerve-wracking event. Nintendo fans know this all too well. Those who tuned in to the Nintendo Direct struggled to find anything exciting in last year’s pile of rather lackluster reveals given at Nintendo’s E3 Direct; However, all that should not be any reason to expect a repeat of last year — there seems to be much in store for Nintendo’s upcoming E3 Direct.

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Garethvk1098d ago

I figure we will see and hear about the NX but launch is key. They told us about the WII U a year and a half prior to launch.

Gridknac1098d ago

Yeah, but Nintendo already said it was going to play its hand close to their chest this time for fear of other companies trying to steal their thunder. Such as the remote play with Playstation, which was meant to counter the Wii U tablet controller. IMO they will show it in June and you will be playing it by Nov.

bouzebbal1098d ago

I'm so excited for Nintendo's e3, more than ever.
I need a release date for Zelda Wii U.

opinionated1098d ago

Nintendo has been pretty terrible the last few years. I think the underdogs like Bethesda and square have been running trains on the big pubs the last few e3s.

Nintendo is probably going to announce their nx though and I'm rooting for them to blow socks off.

deafdani1098d ago

Their E3 show in 2014 was fantastic, though. Easily the best of that year's E3.

TXIDarkAvenger1098d ago

Excited and scared for Nintendo's new console. I hope they can meet most peoples expectations.

HexxedAvenger1098d ago

Can't wait to hear some official stuff about the NX.

K4Y1098d ago

Looking forward to NX. Been playing my Wii U more then my other consoles.

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