Gamervision Review: Too Human

GV reports:

''I've been waiting for Too Human since playing Eternal Darkness, Silicon Knight's last title. It has been in development hell since the PlayStation 1 era, so the fact that the game has even come out after all this time is shocking. Early impressions from reviewers and preview copies were wholly unimpressive, and the demo turned many people off from the game that the developers have been working on for nearly ten years. Not unlike Haze, Lair, and Kane & Lynch, a bandwagon of hate began, assimilating everyone in its path that didn't care enough to give the game a try. Even before the first reviews came out the title was seen as a failure and pushed aside by the media and gamers alike, refusing to even give the title a chance. Well, I gave it a chance, and, while disappointed, I don't regret my playtime one bit.

Too Human puts you in control of Baldur, son of Odin, in a futuristic world of Norse legends. Walking among gods such as Thor and Loki, the characters and environments of the game look and feel like adapted versions of those from legend. Humanity is locked in an endless war with machines, which are all given appropriately fantasy-inspired names like Goblins, Trolls, and Elves. Sadly, the characters and story falls victim to their creator's ambition, and there is little development of either in preparation of turning the series into a trilogy.

When the game ends at just less than 10 hours you're left wanting more, annoyed at the sudden halt and lack of explanation for the game's events. I suppose Silicon Knights thought it would be fine to end the game on a cliffhanger because of their planned trilogy, but with the first game in the series taking nine years to release it doesn't look like we will be playing Too Human 3 until 2026. There is also a severe lack of variation in the enemies, and you will quickly find yourself growing increasingly bored of killing yet another troll or wave of goblins. The game's four levels aren't nearly varied enough, and it feels as though there is at least four hours of content missing off the game disk.''

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