Video Game Violence Documentary Trailer Live

Directed by Spencer Halpin (brother of Entertainment Consumers Association founder Hal Harpin), “Moral Kombat” is a feature-length documentary focused on violence in video games. The documentary will feature interviews with players on both sides of the debate, including Harry Jenkins of the MIT Media Lab, Joe Lieberman, Jack Thompson, Game Informer Magazine's Andy McNamara, Lorne Lanning, Greg Fischbach, Harvard pediatrician Michael Rich, American McGee and many more.While the movie won’t necessarily be attacking the video game industry, it’ll analyze the game creators, the politicians who are trying to regulate it, and the publishers and developers who are making money off of it.The entire movie was shot in HD, with a budget of $650,000. When the movie will actually be released is unknown at this time, however, the trailer can be viewed.


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sjappie5249d ago

It's so hypocryte. Parents shouldn't let there 9 year olds play violent games and you never hear people about the movie industry wich is almost based on sex and violence. All these politicians talking popular sh*t. Let them do something about the Iraq war. That's where people a really dying. Let them do something about the fact that weapons are so easily available in America, instead of always looking for a scapegoat and ignoring the real issues.

SjaakHaas5248d ago

Some seniors telling us that we (young gamers, im 21) are getting more violently because of games. Let them play the games themselves and let the notice that it is more about the feeling of beeing the Hero/Villian that you will never become than the idea that you can handle the world on ur own.

They dont know sh!te

ronin_oni5248d ago

I don't know what the driving force behind these retard politicos is, be it the network television or film industry lobyists (maby even farming for easy votes), but they need to stop hounding a media that (as the documentry said) HALF OF AMERICA CHOOSES TO PLAY. That's about 150 million people spending anywhere from $20-$60 a game. Video games have become the choosen media of the 21st century for (in my opinion) the very fact that you actually participate instead of watch. You get to do something while you sit there, Your enjoying your time playing a video game more than you would a movie or listening to a song over and over. Already actors, studios, and Directors are becoming involved with the games industry, because they know that the change is about to happen. Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Lucas-arts (combined the movie and video game studios into one) are a few top names that have begun a transition from film to the new media because they know which has the bettter potential for greatness. It is my hope that the politicians realize this some day as well.

Stretchystrong5248d ago

It is a film exploring the arguments for and against video game violence and comparing it against other violent mediums in media. It will, in no way, be a film of video game bashing. As for sjappie... The reason we have a war in Iraq is because of these politicians. Your entire argument is moronic and irrelevant.

MySwordIsHeavenly5244d ago

How does GTA reward you for shooting cops again? Oh yeah...they take away some money...and you lose reputation! Because THAT'S a reward!

Guys...and i mean ALL guys...CALLING EVERY FANBOY!!! We need to stop arguing on these forums and let congress know WHY we play these games. We all have different reasons...but i SERIOUSLY doubt DOOM and FLIGHT SIMULATOR are killing Americans!!!

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