Sony's Still Pumping Out Those Crash Bandicoot Teases

PushSquare writes; Add another to the list
Y'know the saying 'cock tease'? We can definitely see a future where the same definition is attributed to the phrase 'Crash tease'.

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CyrusLemont2962d ago

I've missed those E3 closes similar to the 'one more thing' Apple used to do. Imagine Sony closing with a Crash trailer, and Microsoft closing with a Banjo Kazooie one. Hnnnng, the revival of platformers baby.

equal_youth2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

That would be a win for all gamers :D

Edit: I was just wondering why hasn't there been an article about that new Ps4 Neo rumor or what ever it was.

Iltapalanyymi2962d ago

i actually posted an article about it earlier and it got approved, but it was deleted shortly after.

sangoku_d2960d ago

N4g killed it coz no named source rule lol

jb2272960d ago

You just reminded me of something...where are the pending/failed submissions on the new layout? I can't seem to find them

Godmars2902960d ago

Except MS's Banjo's thunder would be dimmed if not stolen by Yooka-Laylee. Unless MS plans to buy it.

slate912960d ago

I was so happy to see a positive MS comment and replies. Then I got to yours and just said "of course mars, of course."

Godmars2902960d ago

So, you think they're going to buy Yooka-Laylee too?

DanteVFenris6662960d ago

Microsoft has already tried to do banjo. Never again I say.

EazyC2960d ago

I'm gonna bless or condemn this comment come June. I get the feeling they will though!

AnotherProGamer2960d ago

The guy who leaked Sony Bends new game said Crash Bandicoot will be at E3

ZHZ902960d ago

Hope for new Crash game to happen.