Why GTA needs to stay set in the USA

Alex Gibson from IGcritic writes "Rather than the actual urban setting of its sandbox, what has differentiated the Grand Theft Auto series from other open world games is Rockstar’s superb ability to make satirical observations of western capitalist life, to ridicule societies obsession with material wealth, and illustrate the lunacies of first world problems.Narcissism, greed, corruption; nowhere are these values typified more vividly than in the USA, a nation defined by its pop culture and consumerist society."

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zcmilano1096d ago

Couldnt agree more.. Don't need GTA set in Asia when you have Yakuza :P

nowitzki20041096d ago

Its like saying we dont need Mafia because we have GTA.

Blaze9291096d ago

whats wrong with London?

TheCommentator1096d ago

I would love to see London in the GTA universe again, but I think it needs to include other parts of Europe as well. Europe in general has enough idiosyncracies to latch onto and things like gluttany, greed, corruption, and narcississm are all global problems. Just look at the recent release of all of the off shore account information and the scandals it's caused world wide, or the Russian mafia. The fact that the US is bigger than the entire EU just means that it contains all of the above, but by no means does the US typify these things. It's like saying that Englishmen all have bad teeth.

madhouse021096d ago

I actually really enjoyed the old GTA game set in London. I'd like a return to something a bit different.. but maybe just as DLC? I feel like GTA is an American thing..

equal_youth1096d ago

Hopefully there will be another Getaway Title in the future. But i agree GTA should stay in the U.S.

C-H-E-F1096d ago

Ahh man you said The Getaway, I remember when they cancelled it on the ps3 i was so hurt. Everything in me was hurting :(. I loved The Getaway, although the mechanics and driving was horrible the game was just so much fun haha. I actually liked it more than I did the GTAs of the time... It was like a breath of fresh air from the GTA universe....

However, I think GTA is best suited for U.S... Because when you think of the core story and roots of GTA... America's gritty lifestyles welcomes it with open arms... and keeps the game modern... However GTA:London back in the day was AWESOME... So I don't see why they can't take it back to London and make me forget what The Getaway was lOl..

basilboxer1096d ago

I'd prefer they try and do a different US city.. Maybe Chicago, Boston or even go back to Miami.

Tokyo wouldnt work.. it would look cool for sure but it wouldnt feel like GTA imo

343_Guilty_Spark1096d ago

There is too little diversity too. What makes GTA unique are the different cultures and inhabitants of the area.

Yukes1096d ago

Yakuza has done Tokyo very well already. I wouldn't mind seeing a return to Miami - I loved Vice City's colourful setting. It seemed to suit the crazy characters and was fantastic juxtaposed against the rampant violence.

TheCommentator1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

If it stays in the US, Chicago would be a good location. I'm a bit partial, as it's my hometown, but there's lots of reasons why it would work; it's a big city with a sprawling urban and suburban landscape, there's lot's of farms, and wilderness with rolling hills nearby too. There's plenty of landmarks, museums, zoos, and a huge theme park nearby. Plus it's good that it's a coastal city too, so there's plenty of beaches and they could keep boats as a means of travel, and there's even gambling just across the Indiana border. It would also have potential outside of a contemporary setting by revisiting the glory days of Mob rule and bootlegging.

Jollyk1096d ago

Would love for them to do it in Miami (Vice City) the visuals would be amazing with the bright sun and pastel neon lights followed by the immigration issues and tropical storms. Plus it is part of the franchise so would make sense that they would revisit VC as they have already been to Liberty city with the new map and also Los Santos with that new map. or they could do San Fran or Vegas like they had in San andreas...but would work as an expansion i think.

gamerpop1096d ago

If they are going to switch things up then Id say go for another retro 80s theme.. or even like a grungy 90s theme. Anything but a futuristic game lol :P

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