Videogamer Preview: The House of the Dead: Overkill

James Orry writes:

''Rebooting a franchise has become a popular way to breathe new life into much loved, but perhaps ageing properties. Resident Evil 4 transformed the classic survival horror formula and was rewarded with strong sales and unanimous critical acclaim. You only have to look at Christopher Nolan's Batman movies - Dark Knight is already one of the most successful movies of all time - to see the the appeal.

This is exactly what Headstrong Games is hoping to achieve with SEGA's light-gun franchise, The House of the Dead. It's 9:05 on the first day of the Leipzig Games Convention and we're told this is one of the first times The House of the Dead: Overkill on Wii has been shown to press. It's obvious from the moment the game loads that we're about to see something very different to the classic HotD titles; fans of low-budget, gore-filled, b-movie horrors are in for a real treat.''

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wiizy3758d ago

its looking good.. a lot of nice shooters coming to the wii to keep it all balanced