Play TM Preview: Killzone 2

Play TM reports:

''This is the first time the multiplayer side of things has been shown off publicly, we're told, and senior online game designer Eric Boltjes seems excited to be getting people playing his labour of love. Guerrilla have been focussing on creating a user-friendly and easy to get into multiplayer experience, which offers the best of this style of gameplay while at the same time looking as visually arresting as the singleplayer mode does.

Teamplay will be a focus, and the developers have clearly been eying genre leaders like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, when it comes to this part of their game. In Boltjes' brief introductory talk we're told the game will feature AI bots for the first time. These will be available for battling online, but also off-line, allowing players the chance to practice and learn maps outside of the competitive experience. This will of course make for some interesting multiplayer possibilities too.

Apparently, Guerrilla are investing a lot of time making a complete multiplayer experience, and as such we're told that many of the mode's innumerable features and customisations will be unveiled to the player gradually; ensuring newcomers aren't overwhelmed by the sheer weight options that are planned.''

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Mad Aizen3705d ago

the game that casts a shadow on all other fps' as we now know them. all eyes are on killzone 2, love it or hate it.

yoghurt3705d ago

I think this is my most anticipated title, it just gets better and better, and there is still over 5 months to go until launch.

TheExecutive3705d ago

Multiplayer sounds awesome and the single player sounds better than COD:4. This may finally be the game that overthrows COD:4 as the best new FPS.

Common Sense3705d ago

Killzown the competition.