New Update Available For Preview Members

That’s right folks it’s been along time since the the last preview update. It was around the middle of March. Yes only last month but remember the daily preview updates..

Here is a very small update.

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KiwiViper851102d ago

a long time = 1 month ?

Pretty sure that's the regular update interval...

Kingthrash3601101d ago

*a long time...get that space in there.
Lol ot hasn't been a long time for updates...we have to wait a long time between AAA games...updates are very common.

rakentaja1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

There is still one major thing unchanged that the X360 have. Why under the user's gamertag is "change friendship" instead of "compare games"?. If you click someone's name, you probably want to do 2 things: send message or compare games..change friendship is not that important and you rarely use it but more important "compare games" is behind another submenu-..I do not understand it at all.

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rakentaja1101d ago

Ok my apologies for it then.