10 Most Influential Video Games of the 2000s

Robert Workman (Opshead): The 2000’s were a great time for video games. We grew accustomed to new hardware like the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, and saw developments that took off like never before. Goodbye to the classic 32 and 64-bit – and hello to mature gaming as we know it today. Not only for consoles, as the “PC master race” also blossomed with its fair share of franchises.

Here are the ten most influential games that ruled the 2000s.

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Jollyk1094d ago

Would of had Halo 2 in here to be fair.

RufustheKing1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Not a MS fan but your right. Halo and COD4 were thee fps to have. Demon souls while being the first of the series and a modern take on retro style gaming is 11th on that list and halo would slot into 7th. Final fantasy X, star wars battlefront, metal gear solid 3 and rome total war, kotor should get a mention.

ManonWire1093d ago

Resident Evil 4. Over the shoulder camera has influenced the entire TPS genre.

2pacalypsenow1093d ago

I would have taken out Morrowind or fallout 3 and replaced it with halo 1 or 2

oasdada1093d ago

Mirrors edge? Prince of persia?

coolbeans1093d ago

Some of these choices just strike me as dumb. KOTOR predates Mass Effect as Bioware's breakout success and Morrowind was out before Oblivion.

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