Hints on Sony Bend's New PS4 Exclusive Dropped by Insider: Survival, Bikes and Apocalypse

The upcoming PS4 exclusive game by Sony Bend Studio is still shrouded in mystery, but today well known industry insider Shinobi605 dropped a few hints on what the game is allegedly about.

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Overload3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yeah, I heard it was a open world survival horror RPG (think an open world TLOU). I also heard that it's pretty much done and when it is announced it will be released not long after (like FO4).

donwel3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Sounds interesting, I've always had a soft spot for survival horror games. Will be good to see how this one turns out.

Aloy-Boyfriend3017d ago

Sounds like a post apocalyptic Twisted Metal. I hope it's still a 3rd person game

DonkeyDoner3017d ago

with bike

honk honk

e3 gonna be interesting

generic-user-name3017d ago

Wasn't this supposed to support psvr too? Or am I imagining that?

showtimefolks3017d ago

we been hearing about sony bend's game for last 2-3 years. i am to a point where i would see it to believe it

also i don't see sony releasing more exclusive in 2016. they are already releasing quite a few big hitters in 2016 so whatever this new game will be most likely come out in 2017

just my opinion

around this time of the year we will get many rumors and vast majority of them will be fake

morganfell3017d ago

I believe it is well along in development without seeing it. Studios in this day and age do not sit idle. They either contribute or they are closed. The fact alone that they are not closed says they are deep into development of some title Sony views as relevant.

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the_dark_one3018d ago

well Shinobi605 is known to have a very good track record about this things, so it stands to be believed this will be true as well, and in that case...... yeahyy :D

Abriael3018d ago

Yeah, shinobi is the only "insider" i report from nowadays. All the other known ones have managed to burn themselves one way or the other.

Wallstreet373018d ago

So many gems coming to Playstation now and in the near future. Im already engulfed by SFV, Ratchet Clank, Mlb The Show, Salt Sanctuary, Soon Uncharted and not to mention multiplats like Dark Souls 3. Im getting quite a backlog already.

3018d ago
Pancit_Canton3018d ago

They should make Resistance Retribution II. Survival Horror Third Person Shooting is what Resistance series needs.