Top 10 gaming TVs writes: "In the HD era, no self respecting gamer settles for anything but the best but with the wide variety of panels on the market, trying to find the best isn't always easy. In an attempt to strip away the marketing, the buzz words and the hyperbole we've listed what we consider to be the top 10 gaming televisions on the market."

The article is written in relation to Australian TVs but many of these are available worldwide under different names.

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n4gzz3704d ago

just upgraded(4 month ago) to samsung ln52a550. Its perfect for my needs and games runs just fine. I don't have any complain with this tv. It is one of the best value in my opinion.

InMyOpinion3704d ago

Samsung has the best value for money IMO.

MAR-TYR-DOM3703d ago

if you want the best tv flat out, go with the new pioneer 5020 or 6020. And if you dont want to spend that much the 5010 are good value.

dnf273704d ago

that's a sweet set indeed. I'm using the Bravia W series, a 40-inch model. It's only 720p but I think the 100Hz option is more important for gaming that full-HD at this stage. not enough games are full-HD.

REPLOID243704d ago

"10 does just fine. echochrome looks amazing on it.

lento3704d ago

quick question.. is it worth it getting a set with 120htz? i heard that having the 24p option is good enough.... looking for a new tv and the ones with 120htz r hella expensive

dnf273704d ago

it's worth it if you have the money but it's not a deal breaker. if you are on a budget you can potentially cut back on the 100 or 120Hz feature but if you don't have a budget then you MUST get 100 or 120Hz.

lento3704d ago

thank you for the reply! good to know and heres a bubble for the info

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

120hz for console gaming is really bad. Televisions have to upscale 60hz to 120hz... which puts out some terrible input lag on your gaming, depending on the model you choose and any other settings you enable, this input lag can be extremely unplayable. (Samsungs have input lag problems, this is proven because they would rather put picture quality before picture performance.

120hz should only be bought if you can output 120hz from your PC, or if you really want to ogle at some BluRay movies on your PS3. During console gaming though, I suggest you output at the normal 60hz rate.

You also mention 24p... or 24 frames per second. Your indeed very lost because 120hz and 24hz are worlds apart. 24hz in this generation of film is a dying picture speed, I personally think its stupid, a step "backwards" if you will. The option is nice to have if you want that cinema feeling during BluRay playback... but its not a deal breaker.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3704d ago

Someone disagreed? Are you joking? Wow this site is something.

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GodGinrai3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I got sony bravia Kdl32 D3000 with 100hz and 24p(bluray discs can it).I couldnt beleive how smooth everything ran and how crazy the textures looked in certain games.First game i played in HD was bio shock...blew me away.Once you go HD there is no turning back!

EDIT:@ lento. mine is 120Hz just checked the manual. i got it last its probably reduced now .highly recommend!

lento3704d ago

thanks for the info.. guess ill save up alittle longer and go for the best! heres a bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.