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Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of MXGP 2 and decided:

MXGP 2 is definitely a step up from last game. MXGP 2 offers a lot more game modes and the career mode can take a while before ending it, but in the end, MXGP 2 is the same MXGP from a couple of years ago but with better visuals. Multiplayer hasn’t changed since previous game which isn’t exactly a bad thing but a bit more innovation would have been fantastic. Sound and visuals can be improved but it’s the gameplay that eventually stands out from all other aspects. It’s a good game but don’t expect the best motorcycle simulation game. The idea is there but it has to be better executed.

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Vitalogy1099d ago

Something doesn't add up in this review. They say it's mediocre yet gave it 6/10 o.O for me mediocre is under 3/4, everything above 5 it's everything but mediocre. I'm not saying is good, but just isn't mediocre.