Guile Joins Street Fighter V and April Update News

We have a ton of new details to share with you today surrounding the next update for Street Fighter V, including the return of Guile along with his classic stage and some additional improvements to the online experience. Hit the jump for more details!

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bloop1102d ago

Locking rage quitters out of matchmaking for a limited time is all well and good, but the non quitter still doesn't get awarded the win? I'm getting tired of higher ranked players quitting just before I beat them. This doesn't solve the issue at all.

InTheZoneAC1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I don't play this game, but just wanted to say that I hope the rage quitting bans last at least 24 hours for the first offense, then double up after each quit.

so 24 hours, then next offense is 48 hours, next offense is 96 hours and so on...

since we have to take into account the very slim chance someone does get disconnected unintentionally I would say you start the ban at 1 hour, then double it each time after...

and if you go so many matches without quitting(only counts if you've lost matches) then your ban multiplier drops and resets back to 0. so if you get disconnected or quit, it starts again at a 1 hour ban.

MrUndrhill1102d ago

Yeah, I am not sure why they don't have an auto-loss system, like the MK X "Quitality".

Pancit_Canton1102d ago

They should have added him in the first place. This is what pissed me off about this generation.

StifflerK1102d ago

Nice, Guile AND his stage. I hope we see more classic stages make a comeback.

NotoriousWhiz1102d ago

We have to spend money on a stage??? It should just come with the character.

Knushwood Butt1102d ago

Fight money. I had about 300k. Wonder how much the characters will cost.

TheEnigma3131101d ago

Charters are 100k fight money I believe.

Knushwood Butt1102d ago

Guile?? Hmmm, makes me tempted to buy Alex.

BenRC011101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Story mode or gtfo.

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